Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung took the center stage in an extravagant event at Times Square, New York to unveil its most awaited Galaxy S4. Tagged as an evolutionary genius, this successor of S3 is embedded with never-seen-before technology like touchless controls and new face-recognition.

Industry experts have given their verdict that the new SIV can be a game changer for this Korean company and it could even outsell Apple’s handset. The company argued that the bundle of unusual features will help the users to get a “simpler, richer, more full of life experience.”

Checking on the top reviewers and what the critics are saying, we have worked up to bring an unbiased Samsung Galaxy S4 review for our readers to see what this greatest smartphone has to offer.


Compared to iPhone 5’s 4 inches screen, Galaxy S4 comes with 5 inches screen, a little update to its predecessor. The new smartphone also comes with HD display with improved sharpness of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

According to TechRadar, “the 441ppi pixel density doesn’t match the HTC One, but it’s more than good for the average user.”


The brand-new Samsung smartphone runs on the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which provides a set of enhanced functions to the device such as multi-view mode – a great addition not to be found in iPhone 5. This mode allows users to split the screen between the two apps and carry on the work and play simultaneously.

One more addition to S4 is an optical character recognition feature, which turns business cards into text. And, a Voice Drive to access the functionality like navigation while driving. It also allows you to take calls,  play music, check the weather, and perform other tasks without using the hands.

The technology giant says that in the latest Samsung phone, the users can scroll through the emails and websites as they tilt the phone. Samsung has really made great efforts bringing the technology that empowers the screen to sense fingers hovering just above it, and the applications react. Well, still the Apple smartphone lags behind in this, as you need to touch the screen for the same.


With a lightning-fast 1.9-GHz quad-core processor, S4 plans to rule ahead of the Apple smartphone’s snail like 1 GHz. The amount of RAM is doubled to 2 gigas, twice as much as the iPhone 5. Not, limited to this, still there is a wide range of features to overwhelm the massive number of users.

On the contrary, the critics such as CNET agreeing with Gizmodo review, says about the lack of “wow-factor” “The problem is, based on my brief time with the Galaxy S4, very few of the extensive list of enhancements stood out as a killer, must-have, cannot-possibly-live-without feature.”

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