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Media and Entertainment Solutions

Every business is acknowledging the need to integrate the physical and digital worlds. Entertainment & Media (E&M) companies have been the earliest adopters of digital technologies. Everything revolves around digitizing and streamlining production & distribution, as well as exploring new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain to gain competitive edge.

This industry has been experiencing a paradigm shift and several new, disruptive models have emerged. In this infographic, we provide information about trends and technology enablers driving growth of Media and Entertainment Solutions. Advancement in technology such as mobile, video, and wireless technologies has transformed the industry leading to an explosion in the growth of streaming services.

Media and Entertainment Solutions for Digital Transformation

The emergence of vMVPDs, phenomenal growth of targeted advertising, and steep increase in virtual and augmented reality solutions is helping entertainment and media companies understand the way the content is generated and distributed across different channels.


Media and Entertainment Solutions

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