Launched in 2018, Kentico CMS Version 12 has been out for some time and is the most recent version for building websites, online stores, intranets, and Web 2.0 community sites. Kentico development services aim to leverage maximum benefits offered by Kentico 12 Service Pack. This suite of new functionality will offer a host of advanced options to gain the competitive edge out of MVC in Kentico 12.

RoadMap for Kentico 12 Service Pack

Scheduled for release at the end of June 2019

A/B Testing

If your website is built on Kentico 12 MVC and live, the very next logical step would be A/B testing. Rigorous and effective A/B testing is the key towards effective site optimization, as well as evaluation of website’s content in order to push the conversion rates significantly. With the Kentico 12 Service Pack, each and every website project built on Kentico 12 MVC will instantly receive these A/B testing capabilities. Every marketer will have the option to A/B test chosen pages directly in the Page Builder’s intuitive interface, gather the results, select a statistically significant winning variant, and publish that variant live with just one click.

Landing Pages

Page optimization is just one facet—another key factor for every digital marketer’s work is focusing on landing pages. Kentico 12 Service Pack makes it easy to manage MVC page templates. When the latest offer, product, or service needs to be introduced to your audience, a landing page is a must. And if you want to get the information of your targeted audience even quicker, paid campaigns are a boon. Developers can use this functionality to offer marketers an excellent selection of ready-to-use page templates so they can create their ideal landing page in no time.

Sample Widgets

The freedom to create MVC widgets according to each project’s needs is what sets it apart. There might be situations where demonstrating any given concept with an already existing widget would result in saving time and resources for developers. This service pack provides a wide range of MVC widgets that will help leverage Kentico 12 MVC concepts as fast as possible as well as speed up the development process.

.NET Standard 2.0

ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, MVC 5 and .NET Standard technologies are an integral part of Kentico’s technology roadmap for growth. Kentico 12 provides .NET Standard assemblies as a NuGet package. Development teams can utilize assemblies in .NET Standard and .NET Core applications and utilize to create custom .NET Standard libraries or ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC applications which are connected with Kentico.

Widget-based visual page builder for MVC

An all-new, intuitive MVC widget-based visual page builder to create and compose content for the web. It is all about empowering creating an agile experience for marketers to deliver a better customer experience faster.

Inline editors for widgets in MVC

The widget in MWC can be reused in different ways and it is important to specify properties, such as the text or image, or article number listed by the widget. With inline editors, marketers can easily adjust behaviour of widgets directly in visual context of the page, and without the need to get in complex configuration dialogs. Developers can generate inline editors for different scenarios.

Enabling ASP.NET MVC Core development

Support ASP.NET Core MVC application development on Kentico platform. Conduct research to identify the parts of the architecture that need to be transitioned first to allow ASP.NET Core MVC app development.

E-commerce business API

Easier and simple to use e-commerce API for shopping cart actions.

Allowed widgets in MVC

Developers can totally control which widgets can be selected and used for a particular widget zone. This ensures consistency visually across layouts and pages, making it effortless for marketers to add widgets.

Page builder sections for MVC

Sections lets marketers to shape column layout for the widget zones.

MVC installer

New instances installation of the MVC sample project or adding MVC projects into existing instances gets easier with an automated installation wizard.

MVC support in the Free edition

Complete MVC support for projects of all sizes, even those functioning on the Free edition.

LinkedIn OAuth 2.0

LinkedIn API will be updated to gain benefit of OAuth 2.0 for authentication. There will be no support for OAuth 1.0.

Maxmind GeoIP2

GeoIP2 database support as MaxMind no longer provides access to GeoIP Legacy databases with new purchases.

Online forms for MVC

Drag & drop support of the Form builder to MVC projects, allowing creation and publishing of online forms easily from administration interface, without requiring a developer.

MVC Widgets Personalization

It is an era of personalization, generating leads and reaching goals. Marketers can create new widget based on different options such as Persona, demographics, or Device type.

Marketers can personalize content without assistance from developers. Furthermore, developers can register additional personalization condition types, as required.


The most exciting part of Kentico service pack is that the process of change will be ongoing and will not stop when the Service Pack is released! It will continue to provide more number of the MVC sample widgets irrespective of the EMS release cycle for increased proficiency with particular concepts like Rich Text editor, image gallery, listing, commerce-related widgets, and more.

In order to gain benefits of the Kentico 12 Service Pack, partner with a Kentico development firm. This new service pack is only the tip and more changes are bound to come and give complete freedom to master the concept of MVC development model in Kentico 12 as well as futureproof your development projects.

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