iPhone 5

On September 13, 2012 Apple Inc. released its iconic big shot “THE IPHONE 5”. The device made a clean sweep in the market, by setting a sales record of over 2 million in first day orders. This new iPhone is the latest addition in the bandwagon of Smartphones by Apple, since its inception in 2007. However, with this latest release, Apple ended all the speculations about the features & capabilities of iPhone 5.

The all new and incredible iPhone 5 comprises of a perfect blend of technological excellence and innovative features. Being a ultra-slim device, Apple Inc. is claiming it to be world's slimmest Smartphone at 7.6 mm. On turfs of physical appearance, iPhone 5 weighs only 112g, which is 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. The device comes fitted with amazing 4 inch screen, multi-touch display, 136 x 640 along with 44% color saturation. The new iOS 6 includes 200+ new features, On turfs of physical appearance, iPhone 5 weighs only 112g, which is 20% lighter than its predecessor i.e. the iPhone 4S. The device comes fitted with amazing 4-inch multi-touch display offering 640 × 1,136 pixels at 326 ppi and contrast ration of 800:1. Furthermore, the device includes with same old Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front. Needless to say, the device gives a brand new experience to the users, in terms of movie viewing and playing games.

The iPhone 5 utilizes iOS 6, Apple's mobile operating system which includes a wide range of gestures such as swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch. This new iOS 6 comprises of 200+ new features including innovative satellite imagery using Apple's new Maps app, and the ability to share desktop tabs with Safari through iCloud tabs.

Apart from its various advantages, there are few drawbacks that have been detected. This latest iPhone uses a Nano Sim card, which is not compatible with the existing ultra micro sim cards. People using iCloud, will not have any problem for transferring data with this Sim but it will be a great disaster for those who doesn’t use this tool. Apart from this, changing the 30 pin charger to the lighting charger, has put one more blow on iPhone 5. Moreover, with its high price it has really disappointed a mass of phone users who really love to have this new gadget in their pockets.

Planning to overcome the latest iPhone drawbacks, Apple is looking forward to still upgrade and give something more worth to its customers. Moreover, the launch of new Nokia 920 and Motorola RAZR HD phone delayed in order to face the tough competition by updating some its features. With all the reviews and critics let’s see whether iPhone 5 will soar higher?

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