Building a mobile application gives shape to your app idea, but the purpose and process of app development is complete when the application is downloaded and installed by end users. However, app downloads isn’t as easy as it sounds. With over millions of apps in the app market, getting the right exposure for your new app is essential. In fact, the real test for a mobile app begins post app launch. So, what do you do to get maximum downloads?

Proven Methods to Generate Maximum App downloads

Post app development, it is essential for you to discover new ways to encourage users to download your mobile application. The two major factors that determine the popularity of your app are the curiosity levels it generates among the users and user feedback after using the application.

Let’s talk about a few proven ideas that can help to grow traffic to your app. Here are some useful tips to get maximum downloads for your mobile application:

1. User Engagement

It is essential to engage the potential users for the mobile application. The app features should be developed keeping in mind the end-users. Moreover, it is essential to convey the benefits of the app to the user. A crisp, keyword-filled description might make your app stand out of the crowd.

2. App Description

Your app besides having a catchy title, should have app description that is concise and straight-to-the-point. Look for a unique app name that attracts the users and raises curiosity for downloading the app. The App description should clearly communicate the various functions the app possesses. The title and the body of the description should be keyword-rich and easy to understand.

3. App Icon

As the adage goes, first impression is the last impression; your icon is the first thing that will draw users’ attention to your application. Hence, make sure that your mobile app has an attention-grabbing icon that represents your app in the best possible manner.

4. Submission to the App store

It is important that your mobile app fulfils the criteria defined by the App store. Whether you develop an app for iOS or Android, it should follow the rules and guidelines so that the app gets an approval in the store. Make sure that it complies with all the rules and regulations defined by the App Store.

5. Get noticed via Social Media

Social Media is the latest buzz in the IT industry and so, it is important to spread the word about your app on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You can also build your network and request your friends and followers to share the app on their profiles.

6. Make some noise with a Media Release

Creating a sensational media release for your app is important to build its credibility. The designing and branding of the application should be done before the app gets submitted to the App Store. A free trial version of the app can be rendered to allow the users have hands-on experience of the app.

7. Create a specific website for your app

Once the app is deployed in the mobile platform, you can build a website for the app to help users get the required information about the mobile application. You can place screenshots and videos so that users know what the app actually does.

8. Create App reviews

Reviews are a great proof that can convince the target audience to download your app. You can also ask your friends or acquaintances to write reviews about the app on the website as this would encourage the users to download your app and put reviews too.

9. Blog about your app

It can be a great idea to blog regularly to promote your app. You can have a blog integrated to your website or you can have a separate blog to share information about the latest updates and news about your app. You can take active part in the forums and polls to discuss about your app and spread the word about your mobile application.

10. Advertise your application

Though this is a traditional way to increase the number of downloads, it surely works for most of the apps. It is an expensive option and only a few app owners rely on this method. You can even try out some free classified ads and link exchange programs to give an impetus to the number of downloads. If you have a budget for advertising, you can think of placing ads in the several social networks and app-related websites.

Wrap Up

There’s no one sure-shot way to increase the number of app downloads. If you want to increase the popularity of your app, you can use a single or combination of the above-mentioned strategies that help you achieve the maximum ROI.