Google Reader App Retired

The most shocking news hovering all over the web is about the end of Google Reader – one of the widely used RSS feed service. Rendering services through years, now the giant search engine has decided to discontinue this service, citing the decline of users. The company has taken this step in order to give more attention to its other services that do better.

The proclamation of the demise of this Google feed comes as a great surprise to most of the users. As a large amount of users highly depend on this RSS reader for getting their desired news information and selected blog posts from different sources. So, definitely they need an alternative to help them out. Luckily for the Google Reader users, there are some of the best alternatives, which we have chosen and shared in this blog.


This is a magazine style service that functions like an RSS reader. The good thing – its for free and works on both iOS and android devices; as well as on the desktop via browser plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox. In a blog post, Feedly has shared that it’s working on a project – “Normandy,” which will soon be completed and will work on the basis of Google Reader.


This is another popular option to get when Google Reader goes off. With no desktop version, it’s seamlessly designed for Android, NOOK, iOS, and Kindle. Rather an actual feed, it is more a stylish magazine, and not for those who are looking for news and information on their PC.


More similar to Google Reader, NewsBlur is another RSS reader. Much better than the Google tool, it offers both free and paid versions. If you are looking for news on-the-go, its for you as it is available in both iOS and Android devices. It helps to import the most important feeds from different formats. Moreover, you can save and share stories from different services.


One of the fastest ways to track your favorite news sites or blogs in real time. It includes a large number of exclusive widgets, multiple view options and, drag and drop organization. With this incredible Bloglines Reader tool, you can get all the latest news on your interests and trending topics.


A real time dashboard to easily access your social media, news, blogs and custom apps. With some of the most powerful customization options, this web reader is like any other good RSS Reader. Having exceptional settings, it allows you to create and organize widgets for the specific feeds and folders. It also offers iPhone and iPad versions. Businesses has good opportunity to get insights about the latest breaking trends through amazing curation tools along with other options.

These are just the few of them on our list. You can also find the most extensive list of Google Reader alternatives online.

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