At MWC 2017, tech giant Google announced the release of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered assistant named ‘Google Assistant’. While some phones such as Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus and LG G6 are supposed to have this virtual assistant in-built, other Android devices possessing OS version 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above received the update on Thursday 2nd March, 2017.

In Which Form Has the Update Rolled Out?

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Most users were expecting the update to be released in form of an app. However, Google surpassed their expectations by rolling out update in Play Services itself. There’s an update pop-up notification for Google Play Services, which means that Google Assistant has arrived to serve you with its magical powers.

How Can Google Assistant Help?

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Google assistant has been developed with a vision to act as your helping hand in all sorts of task. Be it accessing your phone in between your kitchen tasks, knowing your road when on a road trip or taking a clear selfie with voice command, Google Assistant is always at your service.

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Reminder for do laundry when you go home tonight or getting information on weather forecast for the next day to learning different languages, Google assistant has the capability to do it all.

If used wisely, it can work wonders from understanding your preferences, choices and knowing your daily routine. The kind of support provided by Google Assistant is far superior to any personal assistant you can ever get.

What Did You First Ask?

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Did Google Assistant reach you? If yes, what did you first ask? It’s fun to make use of Google Assistant and ponder the way it serves you with its mind-blowing AI capabilities. Now that this virtual assistant has made its entry in latest Android smartphones, make the most of it to increase your productivity and ease your everyday overhead.

Let’s see how Android app development companies are exploring the power of this virtual assistant to their benefits.

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