Build a sophisticated web application or a website that stands true against the test of time on ASP.NET core.

ASP.Net Core 3.0 Features

Here will talk about everything new and updated in the latest version of ASP.NET core. The latest version is 3.0. One of the most significant enhancements in this update is the support for Windows desktop applications; for Windows only.

With the help of the .NET Core 3.0 SDK component Windows Desktop, you will be able to port your Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications. In short, the Windows Desktop component will only be supported and included on Windows.

Before we jump on towards all the new features that .NET core 3.0 presents, let us get a basic understanding of why ASP.NET core is preferred for development

ASP.NET Core 3.0 Features

ASP.NET core can be termed as an open-source with cross-platform support including Command Line Interface. It was formerly known as vNext that got renamed to ASP.NET core. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, including Mobile, Cloud, and IoT-based solutions along with a cloud-based environment.

A lightweight and high-performing ASP.NET core web application has immense potential and contains its own benefits to develop enterprise-level web applications.

  • Easy to maintain
    When you code in ASP.NET, you can do more in less amount of code. This language demands less coding where developers can easily optimize the coding structure and develop an application with a few lines of code as possible. This creates a loop; the lesser the coding, the easier it is to maintain.
  • Cross-platform capabilities
    If you consider web application development for enterprises, having cross-platform capabilities becomes inevitable; supporting all platforms. Any web application that you build using ASP.NET will run smoothly on Mac, Linux, and Windows. If a business wants more exposure on other platforms, development in the .NET core can prove beneficial. Previously while developing cross-platform apps, one needs to develop only the frontend with the same C# code for the backend. By enabling With modern .NET standard libraries, one can develop your cross-platform with maximum capabilities..NET Core 3.0 adds support for C# 8.0. It would be appropriate to use Visual Studio 2019 16.3 Preview 4, Visual Studio for Mac 8.3, or Visual Studio Code along with the C# extension.
  • Support for Cloud-Based Development
    It is always better to develop cloud-based applications. Considering large enterprises, ASP.NET core provides the development of a multitude of web applications, mobile back-end, Internet of Things apps, etc. This makes ASP.NET Core the go-to solution for your enterprise business requirements. Regardless if you are a small business owner or a large corporate, ASP.NET aids in developing amazing web applications.
  • Modularity
    If you are an expert web developer, you would know that to add new functionalities to packages, you can easily rely on NuGet packages. The Package Manager Console and the NuGet Package Manager are what you will need when looking to install and configure libraries. With the new update, NuGet has been extended to include the main feature of ASP.NET. It has an opt-in model, where the developers can choose the features of the framework that they want in their projects. This will also make maintaining and updating projects easier than before.
  • Extensible Output Caching
    With this tool, you can cache the results generated by a particular page and will come up with the results during future requests. With this, you can store data that is not updated frequently. When the request is called for, the data will be cached from the cached location. The tool helps you to specify the time required for the data to be cached. Storing this data can be done within the web server itself. Providers like Redis can handle output coaching.
  • Blazor server-side
    Blazor App Builder has come a long way since its inception. From being an “experimental” feature it has become a full-fledged framework for building SPA kind of applications using C#, HTML, and CSS. That’s right! You can build the goodness of SPA using Blazor without using JavaScript. Of course, it will take its own time to mature into a framework of choice but at least that process has begun. Blazor comes with two hosting models – server-side and client-side. The server-side hosting model uses SignalR as a channel for client-server communication. The client-side model uses WebAssembly download and runs a .NET application to run it within the browser’s boundary. As a part of the final release, the Blazor server side is being released whereas the Blazor client-side is planned to be released at some later date. Don’t miss this welcome addition to the ASP.NET Core family.

New updates in ASP.NET core 2.2

With the latest version being released, what were some cool new features in ASP .NET Core 2.2? You can continue to work with ASP .NET Core 2.2 in the latest version of Visual Studio 2017 or VS Code with the .NET Core 2.2 SDK.

  • Health Checks API
  • Template updates from client-side
  • Better Open API (Swagger) Integration
  • SignalR Java Client
  • HTTP/2 Server Support
  • Greater perf: IIS throughput, MVC model validation + routing, HTTP Client

.NET Core SDK Windows Installer

Before we head on the ending notes, one thing to note here is that the MSI installer for Windows has been changed starting with .NET Core 3.0. These SDK installers will now upgrade SDK feature-band releases in place.

TheseFeature bands have been defined in groups of hundreds along with the patch section of the version number. As an example, 3.0.101 and 3.0.201 are versions in two different feature bands while 3.0.101 and 3.0.199 are in the same feature band.

Also, when the .NET Core SDK 3.0.101 is installed, the .NET Core SDK 3.0.100 will be swiped off from the machine if it exists. And, when .NET Core SDK 3.0.200 is installed on the same machine, .NET Core SDK 3.0.101 will not be removed.


The .NET Core Release Candidate 1 is considered production-ready by Microsoft and is fully supported. Right from preview 7, the releases will aim at polishing .NET Core 3.0 instead of pushing in new features.

Do not forget to move to RC1 for continued “Go Live” support if you are using the previous version of the release as a freelancer or in an ASP.NET web development company.

Build a sophisticated web application or a website that stands true against the test of time on ASP.NET core.