Needless to say that there are several advantages of user-centered design for websites and apps. User-centric design is the latest buzz in the industry. The overall look and feel of your website or mobile app expresses your brand and the offerings. Your business would be greatly benefitted when you have user-centric design to deliver tangible results.

The usability addresses the following questions:

  • Does the product help the user achieve the goals?
  • Can the user complete the meant task quickly?
  • Are the users satisfied?
  • Will the users prefer coming back?

Let’s explore the role of user-centric design:

Effects of user-centric website or app on conversions:

A well designed and user-centric website or app offers an enhanced brand experience to the end users and hence, assists in converting and retaining the clients. It keeps the users involved and engaged resulting in an increase in the conversions. User-centric functional sites increase the confidence amongst the users letting them know about your business. If a user experiences poor navigation flow through the website, he/she might leave the website or application and start looking for other competitors.

Do you have an ecommerce website that sells products or services? It is very important that your website should be designed keeping in mind the targeted users. The visitors should be able to land up to the desired page with the minimum number of clicks.

How to develop a user-centered site or app?

The first and the foremost thing you should bear in mind is the navigation. You can plan out primary and secondary navigation, breadcrumbs, search functions, etc. Make the navigation easy to understand for the first time visitors.

User-centered design bridges the gap between the business goals and the expectations of the customers. Any design process should keep in mind the targeted users. Good design that appeals the targeted audience makes the users feel good and they would start building trust in your brand. A positive user experience results in the repeat customers. Your business can also be benefited by word-of-mouth as it is a free advertisement for your company. When the customers would start developing trust in your company, the number of referrals would greatly increase.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits associated with user-centric design. So, it is surely worth investing in user-centered design.

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