Companies in the modern day can’t avoid using digital tools. Making a name for yourself online is an uphill battle. The strong demand for software developers makes it hard for IT organizations to hire an in-house development staff. 

Finding the right candidate with the skills and expertise demands significant time and financial resources. During such circumstances, models such as dedicated teams, staff augmentation, and extended teams can be beneficial solutions. These models ensure you focus on core business areas while it optimises the time and cost of the project.

In this blog, we will go into each model, examining its benefits and potential drawbacks to help you choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Dedicated Team Model

The Dedicated Team model allows you to hire dedicated developers on a long-term basis for the success of your projects. So, here is how it works: a team of highly qualified individuals assembles primarily for your project. The pricing system is straightforward and transparent. These developers are like a team who are ready and committed to seeing your project succeed. They own your business goals and are wholly committed to achieving your objectives. The best part is the close cooperation between your company and the team. When you hire these developers, they become part of your employees.

You get to stay abreast throughout the project and communicate with them directly. Here, you don’t have to bother about administrative issues, like taxes and other social benefits. It is like having a direct route to accomplishing your endeavour.

This model gives you an incredible amount of control. Here, flexibility and agility are essential. Therefore, if you prefer to be hands-on and know what occurs at every stage, this model has covered you.

Benefits of a Dedicated Team Model

The dedicated team approach, which deals with long-term collaboration, works well for start-ups.

Here are the key benefits of using the Dedicated Team Model for your business.

Job Expertise

With a dedicated team, you select your dream team and choose specialists with the exact skills your business needs. Need an IT specialist? You got it. Want a design expert? You will have it. It is like building your team with a great skill set.

Seamless Collaboration

When you hire a dedicated developers team, they blend with your organisation. They work alongside your in-house team. There is smooth communication, shared goals among the team, and getting things done together is always the team’s priority.

Capacity to Adapt and be Flexible

A committed team can help you adapt to new circumstances and tackle new challenges. Any contracted group will do whatever it takes to complete the task. That’s why so many businesses use it as their strategy. They are flexible and able to adapt to any situation. They are always prepared to meet any challenge head-on and emerge victorious.

Saves Time and Money

With a specialized team approach, you may reduce the time spent on talent acquisition. With this framework, choose your skills as you go. Time must not be wasted. It helps you save money and stay on schedule with your project.

High-quality Results

When your team is 100% dedicated, you know they will bring their A-game! Their focus and expertise guarantee top-notch results.

Control and Decision-Making

With a dedicated team, you are the boss! You make the decisions. You control everything about the project and lead the team to a successful endpoint.

Efficiency and Productivity

Remember the saying about teamwork making the dream work? That saying applies here. The team spirit mindset of the dedicated team boosts their productivity. They work together, well-coordinated, and they reach those project milestones together!

Long-Term Partnership

It is not just a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It builds a strong bond with your dedicated team and opens the door for more projects. Therefore, you’re building a reliable partnership that will stand the test of time.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Team

Each dedicated team has its fair share of challenges. There is no perfect team model. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the potential disadvantages.

They’ve got communication problems

A dedicated team is awesome. But then, organizations usually find it challenging to hire a team in the same time zones for easy communication or reach, especially when the company needs a dedicated team member outside the country from where the organization is situated.

Resource Allocation

Another major disadvantage of having a dedicated team is they are 100% focused on your project. No other project matters to them except the one they are assigned to. Managing resources becomes a juggling act if you’ve got other projects or workloads that need quick attention.

Time Wasting

The process involves onboarding the team and getting them acquainted with your project. If you need things to move quickly, there are better models for you and your team.


Due to high trust in the team members, the organisation becomes dependent on them for everything. That might seem reasonable, but when an organisation depends on its team members solely for everything, that might be a risk on their part at the end of the day. What happens when one of your dedicated team members is unavoidably absent?

Staff Augmentation

One excellent model we have in the business world today is Staff Augmentation. How does it work? Imagine you already have an excellent team but still need extra help. That’s where staff augmentation comes in.

Instead of going through the whole process of hiring new talents, you can leverage IT outsourcing services to join your team on a temporary basis. Organisations use this model to boost their workforce and enable productivity for specific periods. So staff augmentation saves the day when you need an extra hand.

Advantages of Staff Augmentation

Increase in the workforce

Sometimes, you need a bigger team to handle a massive project. That’s what staff augmentation aims to achieve based on what the project demands. Your team members quickly adjust to fit your needs, ensuring you use your resources wisely and keep those costs in check!

Access to Specialised Skills

With staff augmentation services, you can have a specific skillset on a per-project basis and you get access to talents who are experts in their different fields. It’s like having different great talents at your fingertips, ready to tackle any problem that comes their way.


The good news is, staff augmentation services are a budget-friendly option! It’s time to do away with those long and expensive recruitment processes. With staff augmentation, you can save time and money by bringing in external talent for specific projects. You’ll get the feeling of hiring the best talent without going through the normal hiring process.

Faster Project Execution

As you know already, time is money. In this case, you save time and execute the project faster. Staff augmentation lets you get things done in time! You don’t have to wait for an extended period when you need extra help. You quickly find the right talent to get the job done.

Reduced Project Risks

Every project has its share of risks. But with staff augmentation, you have nothing to worry about. Staff augmentation is like a safety net that keeps you covered. You can confidently handle any challenge with skilled external team members on board. Here your team are the pros that navigate the project’s ups and downs, ensuring there are no hassles while they execute.

Disadvantages of Staff Augmentation

Integration Challenges

One disadvantage of this model is they might take a longer time to blend into the team. When they join the team, ensuring everyone works together harmoniously to avoid any clashes or communication hiccups should be your first task.

Cultural Fit

Every team has its unique vibe and way of doing things. When you bring in external talent, their style might only sometimes match perfectly with your company’s culture. If the newbies do not jive well with your team’s culture, it could lead to misunderstandings and affect the overall team dynamics.

Security Concerns

Staff augmentation services allow the sharing of sensitive information with external team members, and this comes with risk. Data security and confidentiality are crucial, primarily if they handle top-secret projects or confidential data. You will need to have a robust security plan in place to keep everything safe and sound.

Dependency on External Talent

External talent can be pretty amazing! They bring fresh skills and perspectives, and you might rely on them often. It’s like having a favourite tool you use for everything! Nevertheless, be careful not to get too dependent on them. If you constantly need specialised skills that are unavailable in-house, you might rely too much on staff augmentation. That could make it easier to complete projects with external help.

Coordination Challenges

Managing a mix of in-house and external talent is not a walk in the park. It’s like trying to get everyone to dance in sync! Coordinating schedules, aligning objectives, and ensuring effective communication require extra effort.

Extended Team

An extended team is not project-based, and it continues even after the specific project assigned is over. With the extended team, the in-house teams collaborate and cooperates with the extended team members. These might not be the best for your company’s needs, but certain specifics stand out from other models.

Benefits of Extended Team

You can access Specialised Skills

Extended teams bring many unique skill sets – specialized skills and expertise that can handle even the trickiest projects. It is like having the best of the best, ensuring your project is in the hands of true professionals!

It ensures flexibility

What makes this model outstanding is its flexibility. Extended teams easily adapt to whatever your project needs. You can scale them up or down no matter how big or small your project is!

Diverse Perspectives and Ideas

Collaboration with external team bring new ideas, sparking innovation and out-of-the-box solutions. It’s like a burst of creativity that takes your project to new heights!

Faster Project Delivery

Time is precious. Extended team members work in perfect sync. You deliver projects on time. So, you save time and money – a double win for you and your organisation.


Extended teams are budget-friendly. They make your life easier. You can bring in external talent exactly when needed, optimising your budget without sacrificing quality!

Disadvantages of Extended Team


Imagine you are expanding your team by hiring individuals from a foreign country. In such a scenario, there is a significant likelihood of encountering language and cultural differences within the development team, which could pose challenges in working together harmoniously. A lack of a common language can create communication barriers, potentially leading to gaps in the development project, which might be problematic for the client. Additionally, ineffective communication within the team can become prominent and negatively impact the company’s overall reputation.

Complex Supervision

A drawback of remote workers is the need for constant monitoring by company management to ensure the required work is carried out consistently. Moreover, since extended teams are typically hired remotely, supervision is more necessary since these employees are not physically present in the office, making it challenging to assess their performance. To maintain a seamless workflow, managers must be prepared to communicate regularly via phone calls between the in-house and extended teams to receive constant updates on the development project.


Are you looking for Dedicated Team vs Staff Augmentation vs Extended Team? There is a model that is just right for you! The first thing you have to do is to take a good look at your organisation’s goals and what you want to achieve with your projects. Consider your available resources – budget, time, and the skills you already have in-house. When you find the ideal team model, it is like hitting the jackpot!

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