BlackBerry Q10 Review

Telecom Company Research In Motion (RIM) will be rolling out the much-awaited BlackBerry Q10 on 1st May, 2013. Earlier this year, company launched the full touch-screen version i.e. BlackBerry Z10 and showcased the glimpse of the upcoming QWERTY Smartphone, driven by BlackBerry 10 OS.

It is worth mentioning that, having stuck at the fourth place, behind Apple, Android and Windows Mobile, BlackBerry requires a heavy push this year to jump up the ladder.

As per latest information, the launch is going to take place in Canada, and the Blackberry Q10 will make debut through telecom carriers like Rogers, Telus and Bell. The device will be holding a price tag of $199 and a three-year contract. Now, as the release of the smartphone just a week away, here we are, providing detailed information about BlackBerry Q10, that you need to know before you step into the showrooms to buy the device.

Design Type

Starting with appearance, the BlackBerry Q10 looks just like the classic BlackBerry, but it is far more advance and easy to use. Earlier BlackBerry devices excelled in looks and features, but used to give tough time in running apps, surfing the Internet or playing games. This latest product from the BlackBerry factory not only excels in appearance, but also comes integrated with intelligent brains to back up those looks.

Weighing merely 138 gm, the smartphone is quite light in weight. The display screen of Q10 is square-shape, measures 3.1 inches diagonally and comes with 720 x 720 resolution. This Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen has a pixel density of 328 ppi, which provides a bright, crisp and responsive touch experience to the user.

Driven By Power

BlackBerry Q10 is driven by a mighty 1.5 GHz dual-core snapdragon processor.  The multi-tasking feature of the device is supported by 2GB of RAM. It comes with an internal storage capacity of 16GB, which can be increased with a microSD card. Furthermore, with the system supporting nearly all types of file extensions, the large storage space is quite handy.

For communication and connectivity, BlackBerry Q10 comes with almost same features as Z10. It incorporates radios for dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Near Field Communication (NFC) and 4G LTE connectivity. It's nice to see that the device doesn't lag during multi-processing of applications.

An Excellent Keyboard Experience

BlackBerry is known for its QWERTY keyboard, and the latest Q10 delivers an excellent QWERTY experience. The keys of the keyboard are firm and offers a good space to click, which lowers the chance of accidental presses. In addition, the steel trim in between the keys, further makes the feel of the keyword - a bit open.  This in turn assists in providing a good typing experience to the user.

Q 10 Camera - Worth Clicking Shots

The BlackBerry device comes embedded with a wholesome 8 megapixel camera in rear, and a 2 megapixel camera in the front. In terms of efficiency, Q10 is a good performer. Capable of taking amazing shots and capturing excellent videos, it comes with a variety of color ratios of 1:1 (default), 16:4, and 4:3. The camera incorporates a range of features and functionality modes, to provide an unparallelled photo clicking and video capturing experience.

The Q10 App Market - Still Few Blocks Away from Perfection

In this section, the Q10 is just like its cousin, the Z10. Even after making a huge buzz about creating an app store with lots of apps, BlackBerry is yet to deliver the promises. Other than some big additions Netflix, Instagram and Vine, one will find hard time searching and selecting the right app from the sparse list of applications.

Q10 Battery Life - Strong  & Steady for Long Run

This is something to boast about – The Battery. The size of the 2100mAh battery is the biggest, as seen so far in any Blackberry device. The battery in the Q10 is significantly larger than the counterparts, like Bold 9900, which has 1230 mAh and the Z10, which has 1800 mAh battery only. This indicates that the estimated battery life of the device is going to surpass all the previous records made by the earlier BlackBerry devices.


BlackBerry Q10 is definitely a unique and feature-packed device that serve perfectly well for  “Smartphone + keyboard” lovers. However, with less competition, low demand and no proper app store, BB Q10 will have to try hard in order to mark its presence in the market. But, who knows BlackBerry Q10 may turn over the tables and again become an active player in the race of Smartphones.


  • Robust Industrial design
  • Larger battery life
  • Efficient Hardware keyboard - the Unique Selling Proposition
  • Latest Blackberry OS


  • Small Application Store
  • Display visibility issue
  • Gestures not tracked properly

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