Best Trivia Games

Quizzes are a good medium to enhance the general knowledge about a person and get some entertainment at the same time. Many of us love to watch quiz shows on TV or play quiz with friends. But, what about playing quizzes on your iPad? There are many nice quiz games available for the iOS platform. Here we will see the best of them.

You Don’t Know Jack

This one is a long-running and best-selling comedy quiz game series from Jellyvision. It is composed of numerous episodes, each having five questions. The player can choose from various categories with a host. The entire episodes were previously recorded, so that the earlier episodes do not get repeated.

The game is composed of hundreds of different episodes to play. Moreover, new episodes are added weekly. There are multiple-choice questions (with four options), DisOrDat, Gibberish Question, Jack Attack and other types of questions.

Jeopardy Platinum

Are you a die-hard fan of the ‘Jeopardy’ game show? Then this game is definitely meant for you. The iPad version of the game imitates all the rules and graphics of the game. It tests the knowledge of the player in single player or a variety of online and local multiplayer forms.

The player can hear announcer Johnny Gilbert’s voice as he takes the stage to test his knowledge on various topics ranging from popular culture to world history.

Family Feud

The classic television game show is now available on the iPad in the form of a fully synergistic game. There is a lots of 3D animation which made the player feel like being actually on the stage while playing the game. First, you have to set the name of player and choosing the avatar.

After that you can start playing the quiz. All rules of the TV show are carried over, so the player can dive into Family Feud immediately.

The iPad users can choose any of these games for them. Many others are also available in the app store. You can search for various types of trivia games like movie trivia, music trivia, wrestling trivia, GK trivia, etc. Even if, you do not get the desired type of trivia games at the app store, you can get one made specially for you.

For this, you need to hire iPad game developers who could work as per your ideas and get you the desired game. You can hire developers from iPad app development company for this or even a freelancer may work for you.

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