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One of the biggest days in the technology field : 09-09-14 when Apple launched its next generation iPhone 6. After the rumors and long wait, Apple has finally given the people what they want: iPhone 6 with a larger screen. In fact, there are two choices for the new iPhone 6 – 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. The larger phone will be launched in the middle of festive season and the new smartphones will be available in 115 countries by the end of 2014.

Not much had been revealed by the giant about the new iPhone 6 and there had been some clouds of confusion till yesterday, but there had been innumerable leaks and reports over the last few months. The company had been facing some criticism by the users and the industry about the small sized iPhone 5S and 5c which had a 4-inch display. Both the smartphones will run on Apple’s latest iOS 8.

iOS-friendly Wearable Watch
After months of curiosity and mystery among the Apple fans, Apple got into the masses of wearable revolution and finally revealed the Apple Watch (Watch). The screen of the watch is bright and crisp. The dial is smaller than the dials on most men’s watches, but it’s very simple to access it. The smartwatch is light and a great piece of design. Apple watch is all about fitness and health and represents a huge step forward for Apple as a company. Apple will retail 3 types of Apple Watch : Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch edition. Each model would be available in two sizes – 42mm and 38mm. There are six different strap options available.

A Brand New Design:
Apple has worked greatly upon the design and came up with two different designs this time. Wondering how does the iPhone 6 feel in the hand? It has a larger body and more rounded edges to make it look slimmer. Both the devices fit more securely into the palm. Here’s yet another amazing feature: glass that curves around the edges of the device. Of course, it is not the sapphire screen we heard the rumors about! The phone is slim – 6.9-millimeters thin, and it comes in 3 different colors: Gold, Silver and Space Gray. It weighs around 4.55 ounces.

Camera and Video:
Apple’s 8-megapixel iPhone 6 iSight camera gets refreshed with a new sensory. The colors would like more lifelike when the flash is engaged. The imaging chip has better ways to battle the noise. Panorama mode will capture upto 43 megapixels and there’s face detection too.

Apple Pay:
Talk of the mobile payments and supersized iPhone 6 is helpful in many days. Apple Pay will work with the Passbook app on your phone and it can also work independently. It would let the users buy products and services with a single touch of the phone. The merchant would not be able to see the credit card details of the customers. This handy feature incorporated with the camera would be adding new credit card details to Passbook. Hence, the users will help you save some typing. Now, the users can swipe their phones (or Apple watches) instead of their credit cards. Apple Pay can be preloaded with the customers’ debit or credit cards using the Passbook application.

The most exciting feature is NFC with a TouchID sensor being used for the verification process for the payments. Apple Pay relies on the new NFC chip built into the new iPhone 6. It is also open to iPhone 5, 5c and 5s owners if they have NFC-enabled Apple watch on the wrists.

Should you Upgrade?
If you have been waiting for the new version since the iPhone 5, you should definitely try Apple Pay. The new A8 processor’s speed and graphics are incredible. Apple’s 64 GB and 128 GB models would surely leave a great impression on the users!

Let’s wait to see whether the revamped design and added features meet the unanimous praise!

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