Google Launches Resonance Audio, a Spatial Audio SDK

Courtesy: Google

Google recently launched Resonance Audio, a new spatial audio software development kit (SDK) to provide high-fidelity 3D sound in 360-degree video, VR, and AR. Designed to be compatible across platforms, Resonance Audio works across mobile and desktop platforms, from game...

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Node.js or Java: Battle Continues for Enterprise App Development

Node.js is a popular engine invented by Ryan Dahl and it has some of its basic modules written in JavaScript. Since its release in 2009, the software has captured the attention of industry leaders such as Microsoft and LinkedIn many more, who were impressed of this...

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How IoT is Transforming Commercial Real Estate?

Technology is completely transforming the basics of Commercial Real Estate. As the sector continues to evolve at a phenomenal pace, technology is becoming a key enabler. According to Gartner, “Smart commercial buildings will be the highest user of Internet of Things (IoT) until 2017, after which...

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How Healthcare Apps Development is Changing Patient Care

Mobile health is experiencing a paradigm shift as consumers require ease of accessibility and transparency in healthcare. However, there is still reluctance among users regarding privacy of data and information shared. Statistics suggest that global digital health market was valued at 80 billion U.S. dollars...

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GoodFirms Names Hidden Brains as One of the Leading Mobile App Development Companies in USA

With the advances in mobile technology, the client requirements are also changing. And, it is becoming extremely difficult for app development companies to meet the requirements and satisfy the clients. But it seems that Hidden Brains, a mobile app development company has the...

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