Many times, you want some information which is not readily available. But digging a website to find out a specific product, service or any piece of information which doesn’t show up after repeated trials, may implicate losing a potential customer. Given that there is so much of data; it is quite likely to not get what you are looking for. That is why search functionality is placed on the top of intranet or internet sites to make the job easier. However, search results often don’t match the search query.

For precise search capabilities, new-age tools are implemented to ensure that results are in sync with the search keyword. Technologies such as Apache Solr and Sphinx enable full-text feature on the site that searches each document in its entirety to get exactly what the user searches for. It identifies the complete phrase or keyword and gives you the desired results.

Apache Solr Search services

Apache Lucene is an amazing full-text search engine library that provides full- text indexing and search capability to Web or Enterprise applications.

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