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IoT Home Automation Systems

Hidden Brains is a house to several IoT experts that provide clients with robust and time-tested home automation experience to give complete control of their homes.

We know how to make the best use of smart home devices by establishing an integrated IoT ecosystem, which gives giving people an instant access to control all the devices.

Our IoT based home automation solutions enable clients to operate systems for music, video, lights, climate and security through smartphone, tablet, touch panel or keypad. We aim to give clients complete peace of mind by building solutions that enhance their comfort and security at home.

Home Automation Development

Control everything at your fingertips

Control your smart home devices including lights, curtains, entertainment system, air conditioner, heater and security system at the tap of your smartphone.

Run personalized schedules

Set predefined commands for devices to perform specific actions at the particular time – be it having coffee ready when you wake up or turn off everything when you leave home.

Lock & Unlock Door

IoT smart home allows locking or unlocking of doors with a single touch on phone. Users can know who is waiting outside the door through CCTV camera and then unlock the door.

Smart Lighting

Set lighting conditions or hue as per your mood or allow it to adjust automatically as per the natural lighting conditions. Smart lighting helps in creating the perfect ambience.

Smart Entertainment

Control television channels and music systems such that they play your preferred channel or favorite music upon receiving the command from the user.

Temperature Control

Set the most conducive environment by setting the temperature of home through an Alexa Voice Interface or through a simple finger tap on your mobile phone.

Home Surveillance

Smart home surveillance helps users in keeping a check in and around their homes in real time. This helps in detecting unusual activates and preventing intruders from entering the house.

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