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IoT Smart City

Hidden Brains is the top smart city solutions provider supporting rapid urbanization by accelerating economic growth and improving the quality of citizens' life.

Leveraging the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) and increased usage of smart devices, it is possible to gather accurate and near real-time information about people, their behavior, traffic and other utilities.

We develop smart city infrastructure and similar applications that help in developing strategies to improve infrastructure, ensure long-term growth, build energy efficient environments and ensure security and safety standards. Our smart city solutions have helped several communities to make the best utilization of resources by enhancing their quality of life.

Our smart city applications create better places for people to live, work and play. We believe that analytics, gathered data and information and communication technologies (ICT) play significant roles in developing solutions to ensure the sustainability of smart cities.

Energy Solutions

  • Smart Lighting
  • Lighting Control System for Building Management
  • Micro Grid for Building Power Management

Utility Solutions

  • Operational cost efficiency
  • Water meter management
  • Equipment Monitoring and Control

Public Safety Solutions

  • Smart Streetlights
  • Remote Security Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance

Vehicle-Related Solutions

  • Smart Vehicle Detection
  • Smart Parking
  • GPS Enabled Parting Space Availability

Transit Solutions

  • Intelligent Rail, Rail Safety, and Transit Solutions
  • Smart Roads and Traffic Management
  • Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

Focus Areas

Environment Monitoring System

Smart environment monitoring system keeps a check on climate and air quality to measure carbon monoxide and other critical environmental parameters that impact the health of citizens. By measuring the pollution level, this system passes on the accurate information to responsible team for taking immediate appropriate action.

Power Monitoring

Smart energy monitoring system helps in measuring the total power consumption per city. Such systems help in giving a great understanding of the power consumption to know about areas that need optimization. It is possible to reduce costs of energy consumption through continuous monitoring, analyzation and implementation of cost-effective measures.

Smart Street Systems

Smart Street light solution enables the optimum utilization of street lighting in a city. Smart cities are equipped with highly-efficient street light driving, advanced monitoring and remote control. Smart street systems helps in monitoring street light, generating energy saving reports and remotely switching power on, off and dimming capabilities.

Water Management

We implement efficient and smart water management systems in order to ensure 24*7 uninterrupted supply of water in smart city. Potable water monitoring tools monitor the quality of tap water at all public places. Smart water management system allows for the detection of leakages and keeps the contamination of water in check.

Waste Management

IoT-based smart garbage system (SGS) helps in preventing serious environmental problems by exchanging information with smart garbage bins (SGBs) using wireless mesh networks. Smart waste management system includes the usage of smart dustbins that detect the level to which dustbin is filled by the garbage and notify for it to be emptied immediately.

Smart Parking

Smart parking system allows customers to find empty parking spaces quickly and easily. This allows in making maximum utilization of parking spaces and allowing for simpler payment options. It allows optimizing parking spaces and helping the traffic in city flow more freely.

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