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WPF Application Development Company

Hidden Brains focuses on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) an advanced presentation system to create visually appealing Windows applications for large enterprise. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is an essential element of any application. Our WPF developers help build standalone and browser hosted applications on the vector based representation engine mainly supported by the graphics hardware.

We leverage features of WPF such as desktop application development with features like 2D & 3D graphics and animations; styles, templates, XAML, controls documents, layout, media, typography and much more. Our team provides expertise in WPF and WCF programming services for clients from different industries.

WPF Application Development

Build a range of standalone and browser-hosted applications.

  • WPF Application Development
  • WPF Customization Services
  • WPF Consulting Services
  • Integrating Audio & Video with Windows Media Streaming
  • Rich Internet Applications with WPF
  • Customized WPF Datagrid

WPF Solutions

High–end solutions for clients using WPF

Specializing in developing
custom web applications

We build

  • ideas

  • websites

  • apps

  • processes

  • relationships

  • strategies

that people

  • use

  • enjoy

  • want

  • connect with

  • trust

  • think about

Why Choose


Build visually appealing Windows applications

  • Data Binding

    Built-in sets of data services that are responsible for enabling application developers to bind and manipulate data within apps.

  • Programming Model

    Build rich smart desktop applications and separate the user interface from business logic.

  • Next-gen Applications

    WPF is the next-gen presentation system building aesthetically stunning Windows Application.

  • Technology Platform

    Animations, templates and styles, resource management, content control management and XBAP making WPF a preferred platform for app development.

Client Speaks

We work with bold brands

we believe in.

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