One of the most common trends is inter-business alliances where every Organization uses their custom software to implement their internal tasks. Thus, for seamless communication and exchange of ideas between businesses, an independent platform, communication framework and programming language is crucial. Previously known as Indigo, Windows Communication Foundation or popularly known as, WCF serves this purpose. This service-oriented architecture technology addresses the challenges of inter-operational functions using .Net for distributed applications that use the Open Data Protocol to consume data over Internet. Commonly used for developing service-oriented applications, this technology enables you to send data to your business partners and clients consistently. The messages can be as simple as a single word or character as SML or as complex as a stream of multiple data.

Hidden Brains has been using WCF from the very beginning. We have deep industry expertise in deploying solutions across several networks and authenticated proxies. Protect your existing data in the former distributed systems technologies from Microsoft, we help you to incorporate WCF for client-side and server-side integration efficiently. With the help of the WCF mixed networking concept, our experts develop service oriented applications that adhere to the existing web standards utilizing their skills.

Our Propositions

  • Designing WCF services
  • Hosting WCF services
  • Secure WCF service (authenticate callers; restrict access based on roles)
  • Managing and monitoring WCF services at runtime
  • Enhance workflow of a WCF service
  • Developing WCF services to create RSS and Atom feeds
  • Adding reliability of WCF services

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Business Values

Reaching out to the right people and eventually growing their business with extensive IT services
  • Secured process for business transactions
  • One of the fastest communication technologies
  • Multiple message pattern
  • Chat Service to exchange real time information
  • Binary transports and encodings
  • AJAX and REST Support
  • Protractible functions

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