Why Open GL

  • Device independence

  • Platform independence

  • Hardware-independent software interface

  • Abstractions (GL, GLU, GLUT)

  • Open source

  • Support of client-server protocol

  • Supported by multiple vendors

  • Provides access to latest hardware features

Intelligently created graphical contents leaves better impact on the user’s mind, is a well-accepted fact since ages. However, thanks to the Internet era, digital form of such graphical contents is in excessively on high demand may be in pattern of graphic, videos or games. Technologies come up with different approaches and features to fulfill this demand. Independent of the hardware, operating, and windowing systems in use, OpenGL is a cross -platform application programming interface that allows the programmer to create 2D and 3D graphics images. OpenGL API directly interacts with Graphics unit thus achieve smooth and efficient rendering.

OpenGL has capability to implement its API entirely in either software or hardware. In addition to the built-in features, GPU vendors may provide additional functionality in the form of extensions. All extensions are available at OpenGL Registry.

Hidden Brains offers noteworthy and high performance game development services by using Open GL. Though it is open source, there are industry standard for writing 3D applications and games on multiple platforms from multiple programming languages. Hidden Brains can maintain the required discipline for the same.

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  • Open GL game development
  • Customized or tailor-made mobile games in 2D and 3D
  • Kids Games, Educational Games, Social Media Games
  • Open GL 3D/3D graphics

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