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The client wanted us to develop a comprehensive web platform for health and fitness coaches. Moxiee interface provides tools that allow coach to monitor progress of client, set goals and send motivational message to help clients overcome anxiety between workouts.

Key Features

  • Secure Coach and Client Logins.
  • Manage client goals, set milestones, and schedule motivational messages.
  • Organize and track multiple subscription plans.
  • Private Messaging system to stay connected with clients.
  • Optimized communication to keep track of client back from holiday or break.
  • CRM (made for coaches) .

Coach Dashboard allows supporting, tracking as well as motivating more clients in less time. This dashboard provides filters to sort clients based on different parameters and view the most engaged and least engaged users.


Moxiee provides advanced functionality to Search, Manage, and Edit programs. This feature lets coach to send automated messages to both clients and groups.


This ROR web based interface allows seamless communication between coach and clients. Coach can schedule messages and motivate clients between workout sessions.


Snapshot overview report provides actionable insights on how clients are scaling new heights so that coach can play a bigger role in achieving fitness goals.

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