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Database Design and Development

Hidden Brains is among the leading database development companies helping businesses take advantage of voluminous amount of data through custom database solutions. These database design and development solutions enable users to store, modify and analyze a database for deriving insights. We help you manage your data environment to build a data-driven business. We help you simplify this complex technology and ensure optimal database performance of both on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Database Development Services

Simplifying data collection and data operations with database design and development services.

  • Database Strategy Planning
  • Database Consulting
  • Architecture Design & Development
  • Database Monitoring & Management
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Database Maintenance & Health Check
  • Database Backup & Recovery
  • Replication & Synchronization
  • Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Big Data, Analytics, Data Mining and Reporting
  • Database Upgradation and Migration

Our Solutions

Safeguard your most valuable data with custom database solutions

Full range of database
development services

We build

  • ideas

  • websites

  • apps

  • processes

  • relationships

  • strategies

that people

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  • enjoy

  • want

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  • trust

  • think about

Why Choose


Experience high availability and business continuity

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  • Access Data Anywhere, Anytime

    Our database solutions allow users to access and manage your databases anywhere through a stable Internet connection and supported device.

  • Querying, Sorting & Filtering

    We create database applications that allow in fetching the data in the exact shape you want with easy querying, sorting and filtering rules.

  • Database Administration

    Streamline incoming data into organized sets for proper administration, data protection, automation and collaboration.

  • Database Performance Monitoring

    We perform database performance monitoring across multi-platform environments to find and fix performance issues before they put your database at risk.

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