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Our Center of Excellence takes a stronghold as the new strategic differentiator

Hidden Brains’ Center of Excellence (COE) acts as a hub for research and development, implementation, governance and support for all Agile and DevOps projects.

Our Center of Excellence (COE) department Brains consists of a team of people with specialized expertise who work together to leverage their combined knowledge and proficiency to define best practices, create efficient processes, build formalized templates, create appropriate checklists that can be used to benefit the overall organization.

This COE team consisting of diverse people with varied skill set promotes collaboration and adopts industry-standard best practices, leverages emerging and cutting-edge technologies, studies current market trends and dynamically changing customer’s behavior to drive exceptional business results.

5 basic needs

Center of

Imparting demonstrable value to the business units

  • Support

    Center of Excellence offers support by suggesting optimized and advanced ways to render IT services through their subject matter expertise.

  • Guidance

    COE experts define industry standards, processes, methodologies and are equipped with necessary tools and knowledge repositories to guide other members of the organization.

  • Shared Learning

    The skills, expertise and knowledge of COE team are utilized to train other team members so that they can develop necessary skills for professional certifications.

  • Measurements

    Center of Excellence department is created for a specific purpose. It should be able to demonstrate that they are delivering the value, which justifies their reason for creation.

  • Governance

    COE is responsible for proper allocation of resources to invest in the most valuable activities and create economies of scale for their service offering.

COE Organizational ModelThe center of excellence is categorized into four groups

coe graph1

Executive Steering Committee

The executive steering committee of Hidden Brains is responsible for delivering high-quality software solutions as per the expectations. Any sort of discrepancy or distraction in the project delivery process is escalated to this committee, which further takes decision on strategic level to allocate appropriate resources and get the work completed on time with optimum results.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide the right direction to project
  • Establish and maintain appropriate governance
  • Act as an escalation point for decisions
  • Ensure that the expected benefits are achieved

Program Management

Center of excellence team is responsible for planning, control and management of programs. They maintain the relationship with third party consultants, tool vendors and other stakeholders involved in offering high-quality services, solutions and products. Every aspect of management including resources and finance is handled by this team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Proper planning of all activities of COE
  • Seamless communication
  • Measurement of activities and detailed reporting
  • Program management of COE initiatives

Common Services Group

This group of COE is undertakes different cross-cutting activities such as method or process development, planning, delivery, support and maintenance. This group includes few members of COE along with external consultants and volunteer resources from the user community. Common services group need to ensure that the offered services and solutions meet the end users need.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Setting up tools environments
  • Development of process and tool subject matter experts (SME)
  • Monitoring process adherence
  • Software licenses management

Working Groups

Working groups help in the large scale adoption of new technology by combining their expertise, skills and experience. They strategize the detailed plan of execution, manage the way the solution is adopted and simultaneously coordinate with the other working groups. Working groups of COE identify the best practices and decide which tools and processes should be adopted.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Report the adoption of progress to relevant stakeholders
  • Get feedback on adoption and usage
  • Continuous improvement of processes and practices
  • Escalation of issues to the Executive Steering Committee

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