Purpose of Building Mobile Apps

Most of the business owners look for apps created to offer competitive advantage they need. What’re you concerned about? To improve the productivity and the performance, right? So, if you are wondering how mobile apps can help, you should know that there are more than 1.75 billion people using smartphones in the world in 2014. This number would be increasing every minute.

There’s a lot a smartphone can do. If you want to optimize the brand value for your business and boost the productivity with the help of mobile apps, this is the right time. Trends have shown that mobile phone users utilize the apps for several purposes. Let’s have a look at how enterprises use them.

Improve brand value:
The increasing popularity of the mobile apps compel the organizations to develop unique apps. Your competitors are going mobile, when would you build mobile apps to make your business grow? Most of the businesses focus on establishing their brand on social networks also and this is a good thing to do. They place their products and brand online to get increased exposure and helps in building customer loyalty.

Companies need to keep pace with the fast growing competition and hence, it becomes to increase the brand value. Use of mobile apps helps the customers start showing trust in your brand. Hence, you can expect increased profits.

To boost the productivity:
This may sound strange, but it’s true. Organizations would need to use mobile apps to improve the overall efficiency. Mobile applications help the employees stay connected with each other and also with the clients. This helps to communicate faster and decisions can be made faster. Introducing mobile apps within the business organization helps the managers to keep a check on the employees’ progress and they can also address to the issues faster. In short, the business operations become smoother and it ultimately helps to boost the productivity.

The Benefits:
Let’s have a look at a few competitive advantages your business can enjoy because of the mobile app:

Speed and ease of availability:
One of the major advantages of mobile apps is that it offers speed to the business processes. For example: The employees can use mobile apps to access the documents rather than spending a lot of time on desktops or laptops. The employees can also schedule the meetings and contact other people immediately from anywhere, at any time. You do not need to have to get back in office. So, the business processes become smoother and the speed is boosted with the use of mobile apps.

Logistical operations:
Till now, we’ve discussed about mobile apps helping the organization’s internal operations. If you have multiple offices across the globe, mobile apps help the employees collaborate between the groups. The outsourced workforces can also be involved in the communication via mobile apps.

Businesses can use mobile apps to advertise to the clients. The clients would carry their smartphone devices always with them. Make your mobile app ads visible on-the-go.

Many biggies have revamped their apps for enhancing the customer service and improving the operations. Most of the business organizations have already been using mobile apps to improve employee output. If you’re not, think about it!

Mobile apps success stories:
Financial organizations like Citibank has revamped its apps for offering smoother customer service and banking.

Pizza giant Dominos has come up with user friendly interface to give the users the facility to place orders online virtually from any nearest kitchen to their doorstep. The pick-and-choose process is loved by the users.

WSSC, a water and wastewater utility, has launched a mobile app that facilitates the payment of bills, report the problems and monitor the water usage also. Users can now track and map the issues related to the existing problems in the area. The app also helps to manage the call volume, paper expenses and call handling times.

To put it succinctly, mobile apps aren’t the future. They have already been here and are a great way for your organization to reach the audiences and stay competitive in the market. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you should build quality mobile apps to stay competitive in the industry.