How much dependency do you have on mobile phones? The answer cannot be quantified, which means the amount of dependency is too large to be measured in units.According to the latest survey by Gallup,people check their mobile phones at least once in an hour for some or the other work.

Reasons for Small Business to Invest in Mobile Apps:

1. Usage and Impact of Apps in Everyday Routine:

Have you ever wondered what do people use the most in mobile phones? Is it camera, maps, applications, gallery or music player? The answer is obvious and quite predictable: applications. This is because the world of apps has becomes so large that anything to everything is now possible on mobile phones with an appropriate app.

2. Ubiquity of Mobile Apps: 

Be it booking a flight ticket, hotel room, table at a restaurant or shopping for clothes, footwear, medicines or grocery, you can do so with few taps on mobile phones. These trends are an alarm towards increasing usage of mobile apps and growing field of mobile app development.

Why do Small Business Owners Hesitate in Getting an App Developed?

There are multiple reasons why it is tedious for small businesses to come up with an app:

  1. Lack of technical knowledge and skills required to build a mobile app
  2. Designing an app that is appealing as well as useful to end users
  3. Inculcating all necessary features in the app while keeping it user-friendly and simple to use
  4. Overhead of developing apps for multiple platforms: iOS, Android and Windows

These are obviously not small obstacles to ignore, but consulting a well-known mobile app development company India brings down all these problems by providing a convincing and profitable solution.

A well conducted research and proper guidance by top app developers is the key solution to underlying problems of building a business mobile app.

Benefits with Mobile Apps

1. Stay Connected with Customers in Real Time

Apps being available through mobile phones and these gadgets being a quintessential item and carried everywhere, it is the best medium to reach out to customers anytime. Any sort of information or update can be broadcasted to your set of audience easily with real time notifications.

What’s more is that you can be assured of getting the attention span of people as notification from apps usually are taken seriously and read.

2. Increase Brand Recognition

Your business app is in front of eyes whenever the user unlocks screen of mobile phone. This means it is noticeable all the time and in memory of user deep inside. Whenever similar type of need arises, he/she can immediately relate you’re your business via that app.

This eventually leads to your brand promotion by increasing awareness of your business among targeted audience.

3. Increase Customer Loyalty

Out of many ways to promote your business including Facebook ads, banners, newspaper ads, selling coupons, email marketing, developing an app and making it available to Android, iOS and Windows user is a genuine and sincere approach. The noise of promotions and marketing eventually leads to losing of impact of business on customers.
In such times, a mobile app is a way to make true connection with your audience and connect with them in a sensible way while being just a fingertip away.


The cost to develop an app should be thought of as an initial investment that can reap fruitful results for businesses in future. No matter whether you own a small or enterprise level business, mobile app would add value to your existing business by its easy reachability and faster adoption rate.

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