Cost to Build a Video Conferencing App

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If there is one company that shot to fame during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has to be Zoom Video Communications. Well, this rise in the demand for the Zoom app signifies the increase of video conferencing applications.

Due to the pandemic followed by a lockdown in major countries, a lot of companies have been forced to adapt their operations by making their employees work from home, cutting down on the chances of them getting sick on the job.

The rise in demand for video conferencing and online meetings has skyrocketed during the time of the Covid-19 crisis. Entrepreneurs and businesses are seeing this as an opportunity and are keen on developing a video conferencing app.

So the main question for many is: how much does it cost to build a video conferencing app like Zoom?

To answer that question, let us first understand what a video conferencing app is in detail.

Features of Video Conferencing App

Video conferencing apps contain all the features a company needs to hold online meetings, regardless of its size and strength. Participating individuals can join in from a computer or a mobile device wherever they are in the world as long as they have an internet connection. One can turn on their cameras so others can see them or keep them off if they do not want anyone else to see them or are concerned about privacy.

Alongside, every individual can also turn off their microphone as well to make sure there are no background noises when someone speaks.

  • Screen sharing: If the need arises, participants can share their screens with others, which comes in handy for various presentations and educational workshops.
  • Virtual hand-raising: When someone wants to speak or has a concern, they can signal it to the host by raising their hand virtually through an emoji. This prevents multiple people from speaking at once and improves communication.
  • Chat: Each Zoom Meeting contains an integrated chat feature that allows participants to communicate effectively with each other during a meeting.
  • Polls: As a host one can create a poll and share it with participants in the meeting to gather their responses and opinions about a topic.
  • Record meeting: Every Zoom meeting one holds can be recorded with the press of a button. One can save a recording locally on a device or upload it to the cloud.
  • Mute participants: The host of a meeting gets the ability to mute the mic of any participant they desire.
User Features Admin Features
Enter Meeting ID Advanced Analytics & Dashboard
Host Video Meeting Manage Features
Join Meeting Multi-Payment Integration
Schedule Meeting Allow Subdomain Creation
Real-Time Messaging Create Sub-Admins
HD Video Quality  
Record Meetings  
Share Screens  
Voice/Video Calls  
Create Subdomains  
Restricted AccessHost Notifications  
Turn On/Off Microphones  

Video Conferencing App Features Infographic

What does it take to create a video conferencing app?

There are a few important steps we cannot ignore when we create a video conferencing app.

  • Back-end development:– At the very beginning, the vital part is to create the server portion t for the proper functioning of the video conferencing app. While some apps can use ready-made BaaS solutions, a video conferencing app requires more complex technologies and it is better to create its own server from scratch.
  • UI/UX design:- Next comes the design part. The UX should be intuitive in the first turn. Future users shouldn’t spend a lot of time understanding how they can perform one or another feature. From the perspective of the UI, it should have a catchy design to make people feel interested in your web or mobile video chat app.
  • iOS app:- To create an iOS-based video conferencing app, the best bet would be to use Swift. Since it is much simpler than Objective-C, Swift is more widespread. Also, keep in mind the fact that it is easier and faster to build conferencing apps using third-party services since they simplify the process drastically.
  • Android app:– The principle of such an app for Android is almost the same, but third-part tools may differ. The main tool our web and Android developers use to provide users with video communication is WebRTC which stands for Web Real-Time Communication. This is an open-source technology that makes it possible to arrange real-time communication using simple APIs.

Video Conferencing App Tech Stack Infogrpahic

This brings us to the point, how much will it cost if you wanted to build your version of a video conferencing app and software like Zoom?

There are numerous things to consider before a fixed cost is decided. And the costs will depend on skills, who you outsource to and the level of support you need.

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Final Notes

Zoom has already set an example in the market for how video conferencing apps should be. The upwards exhaustively depends on the type of functionalities you want to add in the application and the server maintenance

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