Front End Tools for Web Development

Whether it is providing reusable templates and components, code optimization and debugging, streamlining developer’s workflow and productivity, latest web development tools are all about making the lives of developers easy and efficient. Frontend development tools have witnessed rapid progress and growth. Thanks to the pace, developers can harness the power of highly tested libraries and partner with a web application development company to simplify the web development process.

From different browsers add-ons and plugins to processors that eliminate complexity from code, several new possibilities to create excellent web applications.

Here is a list of most popular front end tools for web development to get you started.


AngularJS is one of the most important and must-have front end web development tools. An open-source web application framework, AngularJS allows to extend HTML vocabulary for your application and provide a readable environment to extend the HTML syntax. The resulting environment is expressive, readable, and quick to develop. It simplifies the front-end development process.

  • Open source and free
  • Fully extensible and collaborate with different libraries
  • Create feature-rich web applications and client side applications based on JavaScript with MVC
  • Automatically handle JavaScript code that is compatible with different browsers
  • Build the framework most suited to your application development
  • Modified or replaced to suit different development workflow and feature needs.


NPM is a package manager for Node.js packages or modules. Once installed on your computer, the NPM program hosts nearly thousands of free packages to download and use. NPM also identifies packages and reuse codes from developers and collects in powerful ways. Managed by command-line, NPM is a relatively easy and fast way to build web apps. There is a world of possibilities you can do with NPM scripts.

  • Manage public and private code
  • Identify and reuse over 470,000 free code packages
  • Control access to the namespace
  • Code discovery and reuse packages, updating old ones and more
  • It fosters the discovery of codes and reuses within teams
  • Manage both the private and public code from a single workflow


One of the most widely used and popular front end tools for web development across the world, Bootstrap is a reputed framework. It allows developers to create client-side coding and build appealing front ends. And, UI frameworks like Bootstrap provides an abstraction of the standard development elements into reusable modules, which means developers can create the aspects of applications speedily and efficiently. Moreover, it can cut down the time and code needed to develop your applications.

  • It is a comprehensive UI package
  • Tools to normalize stylesheets
  • Provides JavaScript plugins
  • Builds modal objects


Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks to build top-notch user interfaces and single-page applications. Being quite easy to set up, you can quickly build simple applications with this framework. Using this JavaScript library, you can create an attractive UI for your applications.

  • Vue.js is a stable, progressive JavaScript framework
  • Easy to understand and learn
  • Flexible and simple
  • It uses MVVM architecture
  • It provides extensive documentation
  • You can use it to develop simple as well as complex applications
  • Offers several ways for using transition effects


One of the best front-end frameworks, Foundation works with all devices and is one of the most useful front-end development tools to develop responsive apps, websites, and emails. With its library similar to Bootstrap, it provides predefined CSS classes, buttons, typography, grids, and other dynamic elements. It’s easy to customize a layout with this framework.

  • Semantic, readable, flexible, and completely customizable
  • Foundation for Sites provides HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to help prototype quickly
  • It provides sanitized markups without hampering the speed and utility Foundation
  • It can be customized to eliminate or include some elements
  • Quick development and fast page loading speed
  • It is optimized for mobile devices


Being developed on GitHub, TypeScript is an open-source front-end scripting language. Specially designed for the development of large applications, TypeScript compiles to JavaScript. It is a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript which adds optional static typing.

  • Enable use of highly-productive development tools and practices like static checking and code refactoring when developing JavaScript applications
  • Use existing JavaScript code, incorporate popular JavaScript libraries, and call TypeScript code from JavaScript
  • Portable across browsers, devices, and operating systems
  • Provide definition files that can contain type information of existing JavaScript libraries, such as C/C++ header files

Chrome Developer Tools

Google’s built-in Chrome Developer Tools lets you do everything right from editing your HTML and CSS in real-time, debugging JavaScript, or conduct performance analysis for your website? Available in both Chrome and Safari, Chrome Developer Tools let programmers gain access to the internals of their web applications. Further, network tools can optimize your loading flows and at the same time provides an in-depth understanding of what the browser is doing at any given point of time.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a proprietary cross-platform source code editor. This app development tool natively supports many programming languages and markup languages.

  • Command palette feature allows matching keyboard invocation of arbitrary commands
  • Simultaneous editing allows making the same interactive changes to multiple areas
  • Offers Python-based plugin API
  • Allows developers to give project-specific preferences
  • Compatible with many language grammars from TextMate

With a plethora of front-end development technologies available, front end development tools come along a long way to help web developers. Do you have any device? If yes, post a comment below.

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