iPhone App by Google

The search engine giant – Google is once again back with great news. Its Google Maps app returns back to Apple app store after much anticipation and became the most popular free app on the list.

Just after its launch, it didn't took much time for this app to skyrocket and capture the top position among free iPhone apps. Google has always been number one and this time with its much awaited map apps for iPhone has once again taken up the market of iPhone free apps.

Daniel Graf, director of Google Maps for mobile said, "People around the world have been asking for Google Maps on iPhone." He declared in a blog post, "Starting today, we're pleased to announce that Google Maps is here."

This Google app, with much cleaner look integrates all of the features that made it an iOS standard that evoked Apple to create its own Maps app. This wonderful app helps you find your destination just by speaking or typing the place. This app very well includes all the landmarks with specific addresses along with the names of the businesses. The most amazing thing which has been enhanced in this iPhone app development is the most accurate voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation. You can even tell your app whether you are driving, walking or in mass transit.

Looking to give more clarity about the place, Google Maps offers Street view mode through which the user can have 360 degree panoramic view around the place. Moreover, it also works inside the malls, big stores and restaurants – where you are looking for a table. – Really a wonderful solution for a busy holiday day out.

With Google Maps app not yet optimized to the Apple's tablet, iPad users need to still wait for this app, as there is just one version for all iOS devices.

Google Maps app has marvelously created a huge buzz with 8000 consumer reviews just in one day. Earning five stars, it has doubled its bonus points.

"Better than apple maps," one reviewer wrote. "I almost died in Australia, thank god this is out."

Google also announced the release of a Google Maps software developer kit for iOS to help iPhone developers in their app development process to incorporate its maps into their apps.

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