Features of POI Management Solutions

  • Search POI option based on Brand, Market, Postal Code/State and City.
  • Distributor location displayed based on GPS
  • Direction screen to guide user from current location to the distributor on Google Map.
  • Send email to the defined email address of the selected Brand from the app.
  • Make a Call to the Distributor directly from device.

User can find all relevant “Distributor Details” such as Name, Distance of Distributor from User’s current location, Address, and Phone Number. Simply tap on the Phone Number link to directly call the distributor. Alternatively, user can directly send mail by tapping on email address.

This business app lets Xylem distributor to edit existing information and quickly enter new information in a hassle free manner.


Instant Access to Detailed Map With POI Management App

Xylem USA Rep/Distributor Locator app is built for simplicity and ease-of-use. Directions screen guides users from current location to the Distributor location on Google Map. Two pins appear on the map one for distributor and another showing user’s current location. User can view path to the selected distributor and receive directions to reach a specified location.

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