Weenside is a nightlife social networking app, developed by our team of expert mobile developers to help the users get the best options of the night. The users can use this application and choose which nightclub to go without wasting any time. The app also allows you to check the feeds of the events and search for the night-clubs, events, etc.


Everything you wanted in your social networking app for nightclubs
  • Check the feed of Events and send your name and your friend's name to the Guest list.
  • Check out details about all the events happening in Brazil and choose the best travel route for the selected event
  • Search nightlife events and get information about the latest happenings.
  • Exclusive Weenside Calendar to plan your nightlife activities by checking the events
  • Check the Map View of your city to reach out to the desired destination

Send VIP invites to special guests. Feel Special!

Club members can view the list of VIP guests and send invites to them. The app allows you to add arrival time limit and special instructions to the VIP list.

  • Users can send his / her name to the Guest List for a particular event.
  • PUSH GOLD - You are a VIP!
  • PUSH SILVER - You are Special, get in with discount price!
  • PUSH BRONZE - The nightclub that you follow puts your name on their guest list!

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