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We have created this app for users to browse the list of available courses under the various categories. The users can also view the live courses schedule, archived videos and handouts (PDF) for all the subjects related to the course purchased by him / her.

Users can register and login to access the courses. Sign up / Login option for the users. Easy sign up or Login process for students.

  • Different categories of courses
  • Review courses and attend lectures
  • Preparation for the exams
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Once the users login, they can view the courses they have subscribed to.

The available courses can also be accessed by the users. Digital handouts and recorded lectures are also accessible for the selected courses.

The users can search for the available courses and review the lectures on diverse topics. On-demand topic driven mini-lectures to help you personalize your study efforts more efficiently.

Technical Expertise
  • Digital handouts
  • Self-Assessment exam
  • Review lectures

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