Key Features

  • Emergency Push notification
  • Message Board
  • Chat rooms
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Groups – Sub groups
  • Post to Message Board
  • Announcements
  • Subscriptions

The app allows Registered users to create new Group and/or part of existing group to receive messages posted by group admin. Groups and sub groups can be created by the admin dynamically for different categories and new feeds can be posted for specific target group. Users can view the newsfeed wall and also view the messages posted by Admin and Sub-Admin.

The member’s profile depicts all the details about the user. Admin can create groups and send notifications to the members. The registered users would get alerts instantly. The app allows user to manage thousands of members by appointing sub-admins, Create custom message templates to save more time & set individual groups open-to-the-public, password-protected, or by-request only.

The app allows both kinds of users to download application from respective store. After successful registration, Users have to subscribe themselves to access application features. The users can adjust the settings and edit the profile. The subscription package history can also be viewed. There is also an option to renew the subscription.


  • Emergency push notification - send in less than 10 seconds!
  • General push notification - with more description
  • News message - without push notification
  • Optional Chat room

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