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Modernize the planning process by using this Lesson Planner. The app makes it easier for the teachers to create, save and use the lesson plans for all the grades.

  • Starter / Opener Activities
  • Active Learning Activities
  • Plenary / Closure Activties
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Differentiation Ideas
iLesson Planner
  • Lesson Plan Builder
  • Revision Activties
  • Acronyms
  • Share Your Ideas
  • How to use the application

Lesson Plan Builder

Teachers can plan the lesson activities according to the guidelines and save them. iLessonPlanner can be used for all the age groups, stages and subjects.

iLesson Palnner

Create and Email the Lesson Plan

Bring together all the ideas and plan the lesson activities at one place. Different categories to save the ideas to make the lesson planning process easier and quicker.

iLesson Planner

Do you want to build a best apps for creating lesson plans? Let's discuss!


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