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Comprehensive African
Finance journal and Blog for Nigeria

Our client, a leading media company based in Nigeria
approached us to revamp its website which provided
news and policy analyses on Nigeria and other frontier
markets of Sub-Saharan Africa. This site will offer a host
of new features to clients such as News, Blogs Sustainable Development Events, Business Listing, and Finance Products section.

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Financial Nigeria website offers multi-author blogging section with the option to share comments on social media networking sites.

Development and Financial Magazine Features

  • Secure User Login.
  • E-Library of Financial Nigeria Magazine
    provides exclusive access to subscribers.
  • Business Directory to identify Start-ups, SMEs,
    Private and Public companies based in Nigeria.
  • Database of upcoming events, including
    Conferences, seminars, and trainings.
  • User can register to add financial products.

Exclusive Sponsored Section containing News, Articles, Green
Development, Pictures, Audios and Videos with the option to share
on social media.

Subscribers can view Financial Nigeria magazine content electronically in a secure area. Users
will be able to specify subscription duration and payment option.

This website allows institutions to upload financial products
based on different categories and products can be searched
based on institution and category.

Business Directory listing feature
categorizes companies into different
categories such as Start-ups; SMEs; Big
Private, Public Sector Companies and
Publicly-Quoted companies.

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