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Key features

  • Add children and link them with different family members.
  • Auto create Family groups for all linked members.
  • Create School groups.
  • Invite members by email or search by child name.
  • Forum page for parents to discuss & share images.
  • Create events & set Reminder.
  • Push notifications .
  • Group moderator and member’s access.
  • Group invitation, accept/reject flow with notifications.
  • Secure data connection with AES encryption.

This app allow working parents to connect with another parent in their child’s peer group by adding children and link them with different family members. Here Family groups is auto-created for all linked members.

The Coo app allow users to create School groups and invite members by email or search by child name. Parents (users) can join to as many groups as they want, and get notifications on specific updates from affiliated groups.

This is a perfect app for busy parents to keep a track of specific activities in school they would like to be reminded of like sports day activity, school dress change, lunch menu etc. without checking it in their child’s book noted down by teacher. This utility app allows parents to post about school activity and remind each other to avoid last minute hitches.

Secure App for Sensitive Information

This networking app for parents, do not actually have child users, but all information about children, making it all the more important to ensure privacy and security of the sensitive data. The app is supported by secure data connection with AES encryption that allows users to maintain information privacy with ease of use.

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