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The client, Britton Diamonds wanted us to build an jewellery ecommerce websites for their business that will allows end users to purchase diamond jewellery, including solitaires and with custom Design option.

Best eCommerce Platform for Jewelry

Key Features

  • Product Search
  • Product Wishlist documentation
  • Product integration with GIA or AGS Certification
  • Online lead generation via Inquiry Form
  • Social Media Integration

Cut. Colour. Clarity. Carat.

The Britton Diamonds online diamond store emphasizes on creating an ecommerce platform for customers who can Search and View the Products of their choice in the comforts of their home/office. Customers can have magnified view of a piece of jewellery before they make their purchasing decision.

Britton Diamond

The Britton Diamonds jewelry ecommerce website is designed with stunning high-resolution images to showcase all their products as per categories – Earrings, bracelets, engagement and wedding rings, necklaces and pendants – for creating the maximum impact.

Beautiful vector designs and alluring graphics in the diamond jewellery websites serves the client requirement to create impactful visual impression on customers, so as to ultimately facilitate the selling process.

Britton Diamond

Custom Jewellery website Design is an added feature offered in the website that allows customers of Britton Diamonds to request for customized jewellery design by repurposing their gems and diamonds.

The website was designed and developed with the purpose of serving as the ultimate online platform for the offline store of Britton Diamonds – where customers can choose online from the extensive selection of finely crafted jewellery and make purchases in the store after making an informed decision.

Britton Diamond

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