PHP or Hypertext preprocessor is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and effective web development framework for building dynamic web page design, website development and generating web applications.

PHP web technology with the largest user base and community is loved by PHP developers for it smooth and easy usability – some of the many possible reasons for deployment being – rich object-orientation, powerful extensions and database connectivity. However, it is its simplicity that makes PHP websites engaging and user-friendly for users as well.

Compelling Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development

As a dynamic platform with rich features, PHP plays a defining role in designing trendy websites that are specifically targeted for business lead generation and increase in conversion ratio. Also, as a server side scripting language it enables the creation of user-friendly websites serving as the most robust platform for web development.


PHP is an open source web technology, which besides being free is readily available sans payment or any restrictive license. It is not only the perfect platform for businesses when it comes to cost effectiveness, in fact developers can create their own PHP version to power their web solutions.


PHP framework besides being the easiest to learn and use, is a stable platform for developing attractive websites and this is one of the prominent reasons why most organizations are increasingly preferring to build PHP websites over others in the recent times.


With excellent performance track record, PHP framework empower developers to complete multiple projects developed under PHP with ease and accuracy, besides yielding faster results.


With rich features and high functional aspects, PHP framework facilitates building highly interactive websites that not only integrates seamlessly with other web technologies, but helps drive maximum website traffic – essential for lead generation.


Besides MySQL that has been a common database source for PHP based web applications; Oracle, Sybase, Generic ODBC, Solid, Informix, PostgreSQL and IBM DB2 are compatible. However, the combination of PHP and MySQL is supported across all platforms.


PHP, the robust and reliable framework for creating highly scalable and secure programs involves lesser number of codes as compared to other programming languages. This gives developers the liberty to innovate with the platform and build customized solutions to fit specific business requirements.


The cost-effectiveness of website development in PHP technology can be further emphasized as the framework is equipped with several open source IDEs that saves the cost of spending money for IDE – paying only to hire PHP developer.


PHP technology is consistently updated in regular intervals and made available at zero-cost for developers to stay updated to ongoing web technologies and trends.


PHP is compatible with CMS like Drupal, Magento, WordPress and Joomla, allowing developers to expand their scope of domain and customer base.

PHP Web Technology – Driving Technical Excellence

Technically speaking, PHP is a robust scripting language with 32 percent share embedded into HTML source. Here, while the source is translated at the back-end through the PHP engine module, the output that is rendered is a webpage or HTML document.

So, you can say that besides efficiently supporting third party development tools and technologies, PHP is also implemented at the server-end that turns out to be an impartial & individual interpreter for most operating systems. So what are the major benefits of imbibing PHP? Here are some of the most trusted offerings from any accomplished PHP Development Company:

  • Open source Customization
  • CMS Website Development
  • Web Services Integration
  • Enterprise Website Solution
  • Social Networking Websites
  • MVC Framework Development
  • ERP, CRM Development
  • E-Commerce Solution
  • Gaming Applications
  • Website Maintenance

    PHP being an open source technology not only contributes to the cost-effectiveness of a project, it in fact is a much simpler language compared to any other web technologies like ASP.Net, Python or Ruby on Rails.

    Besides being the most popular and established in terms of it coming to origin, PHP is also the preferred web technology for online Database Management System (DBMS) – making it easily available for developers to edit, add and delete information from webpage or web app online.

    Have you built your business website in PHP yet?

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