Best PHP Frameworks

PHP web development is one of the most popular and preferred web development services. PHP is very easy to use, saves time and it is free to use. PHP itself has total 18 different frameworks with different features. So which one is the best among all of them. Let us see some of them in brief.


Presently, Yii is the best PHP framework in the market. It is faster than Codeigniter and Zend framework and includes some features of Symfony like filter design and plug-in architecture. Its other amazing features include simple error handling and logging.

It also supports cross platform web development. So you can easily use the code from PEAR or Zend framework. With yii you do not need to worry about input validation, sql injection and other routine security tasks, as these are done on their own.


It is a light and easy to learn framework. It includes a rich set of libraries that allows faster development. Moreover, it has a simple interface and logical structure which allow accessing these libraries. In this, the amount of code required is very less as compared to others. It is widely used by freelancers, small teams as well as huge companies.


Zend is the most preferred PHP frameworks for businesses around the globe. It includes various tools to simplify the development process. It also offers a very properly integrated development environment that lets you take full advantage of all its services. This framework is secure, fast, scalable and reliable. It allows developing Web 2.0 applications and web services.


CakePHP is easy to learn and it provides a basic organizational structure. This keeps the whole application concordant and logical. It can manage every aspect, from the user’s initial request to the ultimate rendering of the web page. Being an MVC based framework, it allows the user to easily customize and extend most aspects of the web application.


Symfony comes with highly convenient debugging toolbar which helps it make better applications. This framework is very light and it requires onlt two writing folders, which can be easily configured to the established level of security, that the user requires for the app. Symonfy also works well with http accelerators like Varnish.

For beginners, it has separate web application business rules, server logic, and presentation views. It has numerous tools and classes that help minimizing the development time of a web application. It has been exhaustively tested in several real-world projects. It is works with most of the databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It runs on Unix and Windows operating systems.

So these were some of the most popular PHP frameworks. Many other PHP frameworks are also available in the market. Finally, the choice is yours. You can choose anyone of them which best suits your project requirements.

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