A PHP web developer can be one of the most critical resources for your website. Remember, this person will be the driving force to transform your idea into a fully functional scalable website. This person will create the online brand of your business that will allow you to connect with customers in the highly competitive virtual world.

So, it’s extremely important that you hire best PHP developer. It is also important to get it right the first time. There is no room for complacency; otherwise you risk your business and money. It is not just about code or technology, it is about selecting a strategic partner who understands your business and shares the same passion for your business model.

This article will list critical pointers that will help you identify and hire the best PHP developer for your project.

1. Don’t ask stereotype questions

You are ready to interview PHP programmer and got a list of question ready. That’s about the right approach, but no stereotype questions. Questions like what was PHP’s release date or who rewrote the parser that formed PHP should be avoided. These are not the questions that will help you gauge the right PHP developer. You need to test knowledge about PHP rather than run a memory test. Don’t ask questions that can be easily searched online.

Ask questions to test the technical prowess such as:

  • How do you encrypt data using PHP?
  • PHP design patterns?
  • Describe your experiences with web services.

2. Past Projects

While selecting a good offshore PHP development company or PHP developer, it is crucial that you check past projects. Ask for projects that are relevant to what you are looking for. Case studies and customer testimonials show that developers have worked with reputed companies and evaluate how good the company is. The reputation of a good offshore company will save you from hassles associated with quality and turnaround time. Also, interview and speak to the technical staff, project managers or POCs who will be handling your work so that you are comfortable with their abilities.

3. Knowledge Base

Before you narrow down on the PHP developer, you need to evaluate the technical knowledge base. This is critical to ensure that PHP developers have the skills to deliver your project. You should also find out what type of training and ongoing classes PHP development company offers its employees to stay updated with technical trends and expand knowledge base. This is important to ensure that developers are up to date with all the technology advancements when building your PHP project.

4. Check Communication Skills

Communication is the cornerstone of strategy. The developer must be conversant with various modes such as audio, video, web, phone and email messages. In some cases, communication between the developer and business owners over Skype or messaging apps turn out to be an effective alternative compared to lengthy emails. If you prefer to talk to a real person rather than type out lengthy emails, you need to choose a developer who is equally at ease in communicating over phone. It is also important to know whether a PHP developer is comfortable in following instructions in English.

5. Attitude Matters

While skillsets matter a lot, attitude can be a deal maker. Hire a PHP developer who can adapt to changing situations easily. The easiest way to find out whether someone will adapt to new scenarios by learning technologies is to find out by asking following questions: Where do you learn new tips and tricks about PHP or Did you attend and technology event or seminar?


Don’t shy away from asking questions and clarifying points to avoid ambiguity. When you’ve made up your mind to hire PHP developer, you should mention details in contract and get it signed. Ensure to list the milestones detailing cost breakup to avoid confusion in future. All the terms and conditions should be crystal clear.

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