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Quick Summary: Progressive Web Apps address the issue of responsive web design, making it essential to meet user expectations, but it can be challenging in some cases. Check out how they have become the future of web app development.

Mobile devices and smartphones play a prominent role in our daily lives, triggering a significant rise in the demand for mobile applications. 

While designing and updating mobile applications is comparatively simple, businesses may still need to find it more convenient and inexpensive. Here is where Progressive Web Apps (PWA) come into play.

Progressive Web App Development Services have become the new rage in web development. Over the past few years, separate developments have been made for desktops and mobile devices. But with PWA, you can get the best of both worlds: web apps and smartphones. 

Over the years, reports suggest that Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, have become increasingly popular with its market is all set to surpass $10 billion by 2027. Among the main reasons for PWA’s popularity, it addresses the problems like manually updating the apps, an effort to download the application, and so on, which you may face with native apps.

PWA stats

With progressive web application services, you must download the application as you access it directly from the browser.

Do progressive web applications hold promise for the future of web applications? As we explore in this blog, PWA holds great promise for changing the way users interact with mobile applications in the future.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

The Progressive Web App (PWA) comprises a mobile application that can be accessed online. The look and feel of PWAs are similar to those of native applications, as well as their functionality. 

PWAs are accessible through mobile web browsers on mobile devices, and the user can save the apps directly to their mobile devices’ home screens so they are always at hand. Through the help of a team of service professionals, PWAs load rapidly. 

The capability of pre-caching makes it possible to ensure that a PWA remains up to date at all times, thus allowing the user to access the most current version without needing to update the application.

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The Three Pillars of PWA Applications 

A progressive web application is a web application that allows for the installation of powerful, reliable, and extensible web programs. By combining these three factors, they become platform-specific applications.

PWA application pillars


As of today, the web has become fully self-sufficient and can function on its own. Hyper-local video chat software, for instance, can be created using WebRTC, geolocation, and push notifications. 

The webGL and WebVR technologies allow you to translate your app into an installable one and to make its discussions virtual. 

Through WebAssembly, developers can take decades of effort and expertise from other ecosystems, such as C, C++, and Rust, to provide a more comprehensive experience for progressive web apps limited by web capabilities.


No matter which network is used, a reliable Progressive Web App feels responsive and stable. Speed is paramount to attracting consumers to your product or service. Between the first and 10th seconds of page load, there is a 123 percent increase in the probability of a user bouncing. After the onload, the performance keeps going. Users must always be convinced of the validity of their interactions.


A Progressive Web App installed in a separate window to the normal browser tab will run in its window. 

Launching them from the home screen, dock, taskbar, or even a web browser like Google Chrome is possible. 

To run them on a device, you can search for them on the device and switch between them using the app, making it appear as if they are native to the device on which they are installed.

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Progressive Web Apps: Requirements of Modern-Day Web App Technology

In conjunction with native mobile applications and websites, progressive web apps provide users various benefits.

The technology used in developing mobile applications and websites is similar to that used in developing websites.

Generally, progressive web apps requires three crucial element to get started with the web app development.

Below is a list of them:


HTTPS is the first and foremost requirement to get on track with Progressive web app development, and an HTTPS-enabled server is required. As a result, you can rest assured that your users’ data is kept safe, providing additional security for your website.

Web App Manifest

That is what determines how it appears on a browser. A web app manifest describes how the browser should display the app. 

There is a simple JSON file that contains a range of metadata that describes the app. For instance, the language the app is written in, its theme’s color, scope, icon, orientation, start URL, and the app’s name.

Services Workers

A PWA relies heavily on service workers, and it is an object-oriented JavaScript file responsible for ensuring that the PWA performs as intended. With this technique, you can create a PWA within a browser’s background and leverage its features, such as push notifications, background sync, and offline capabilities.

A progressive web app has a symbiotic relationship between all three parts, making it a truly intelligent application.

How Progressive Web Apps Turn to the Future of Web Development?

As the mobile market thrives, most developers are now implementing responsive web design techniques to build websites that are equally responsive to large and small screens. Thus doing away with the requirement to maintain separate mobile version websites. 

Although responsive design was a huge advance over older methods, it can no longer meet the growing demand for mobile apps resulting from various devices with various screen sizes. 

This is where Progressive Web Apps come into their own, as they address some fundamental design considerations and improve the app’s responsiveness to address these challenges.

top reasons to choose PWA for web development

Here are the reasons why Progressive Web Apps are the future of web development:

Developing at a low cost

Progressive web applications also have a lower development cost than native apps because they only need one adaptation for all types of programs, compared to native apps.

Access to offline content

The idea of an app that works offline might sound absurd to many of you, but PWA is all about accessing content offline and understanding how it works. Various services are working in the background of the Progressive Web App, which means that service workers are still working even when the website is not accessed.

The application works offline, gets notifications, reloads content in the background, and can even initiate processes based on logic within its code. A PWA that utilizes a Service Worker can load more quickly thanks to its cache and gather API.

Faster response

Progressive web apps allow users to interact with the site faster, almost instantly, and without glitches. The scrolling will seem smooth as silk, and the transitions between pages will seem seamless. A progressive web application is designed to work on any screen or display size, regardless of the device or browser used, without affecting the user experience.

The flexibility of native applications

With PWA, you can access the same experience with native apps from your web browser. A Progressive Web App is designed to mimic the functionality of a native application. Moreover, it handles customer information, loyalty programs, and online ordering.

Using a PWA, you can ask users to bookmark or shortcut it to their home screen. That way, they can access it right away whenever they need to.

No longer is security a risk to the business

There is no doubt that progressive web apps lead to more secure websites since the pages of these websites must be served using a secure origin by default.


Progressive web apps offer this feature, among other advantages. However, progressive web apps provide many of the same functionalities and features as native apps. However, they are as lightweight as native apps and compact enough to fit into a few kilobytes of storage.

Enhancing the user experience

Like their native counterparts, progressive web applications provide an enjoyable and easy-to-use experience since they mimic the look and feel of native applications.

Discover the Future of Web Development with PWA.

Get automatic updates

PWAs are always open in the most recent version, so there is no longer a need to schedule and install updates manually.  In your app drawer, you will see the website’s name as an icon of your browser. 

This button will take you to the website description page, where you can click on it and now browse the website in real time through your mobile device.

No need to pay to use the application 

The PWA is one of the most cost-efficient sources of doing business in technology since the entry barriers to the App Store are much greater than the chances that the target audience will discover it. There’s no need to empty our wallets at the App Store with the PWA since it runs in any web browser.

Easy-to-use fine-tuning

Progressive Web Apps are more cost-effective than native apps because you do not have to visit the app store to make changes. 

If you adjust your app to fix bugs and errors versus a native app, you must notify the app store about your changes. You can expect a delay of up to a week before the changes and updates are deployed. There are many benefits to using PWAs, such as the possibility of fixing bugs instantly and eliminating the need to write separate codes for devices such as Android and Apple.


The future lies in progressive web applications. While PWAs are set to gain traction in the coming years, several limitations and requirements must be addressed.

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