Nothing is more gratifying than seeing an app that we’ve built for our client gets featured on Discovery Channel.

We are delighted to announce that Core Organizer, a personal organizer, journal, and note taker app developed by Hidden Brains was featured on Discovery Channel’s NewsWatch program. This episode was aired on July 10 in the United States.

Journal of Your Life

Core Organizer app allows users to save vital information into different categories or modules. Users can capture and organize personal information for day to day activities, such as:

  • House
  • Finances
  • Sporting Events
  • Collections
  • Heath Documents and Information
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Books
  • Films
  • Music
  • Private thoughts

Core Organizer app is a mini diary for life that lets users save just about anything that they wish to plan and organize! This app has been tailored to help user plan and record each and every area of life. Core Organizer eliminates the need to download different apps to record life details with its multi-module feature.

Security-First Approach

Security is paramount. The Hidden Brains team addressed security concerns upfront. To begin with the information is secure as it is password protected and users’ can record and upload photos to each one of these modules without worrying or any hassles.

Secondly, the information is stored on user’s device and not third party servers. In order to protect the risk of losing your device, the information can be backed up on a cloud service whenever user logs off device.

Intuitive Interface

Designed for simplicity, this app provides minimalist and elegant interface. Large category wise icons are displayed on a bright blue background. This app is intuitive to the core and lets users update information in a seamless manner.  There are no fancy graphics or animation.

Multiple Device Synchronization

Core Organizer app uses Amazon S3 technology to sync all information across multiple devices.  Whether you’ve entered the data on your iPhone or your iPad, you can be rest assured that the info will be the same in each device.

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Core Organizer is free to download with 5 modules. User can purchase additional modules for $1 and it’ll only cost $3.99 to sync across all devices.

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At Hidden Brains, we always aspire to create apps that redefine mobility. These milestones are just part of the exciting journey ahead.

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