Cloud Computing and SaaS

It has been observed that most people consider these two terms – SaaS and cloud computing nearly same. In actual scenario, it is not same, but they are related to each other. What is that thin line difference between them? The detailed analysis about each terminology will help you to choose the relevant service for your business.

Cloud Computing

Snippets on Scenario

PAST: People use to rent a time on a computer to work on it.

PRESENT: People started having their personal computers in which they can install any type of software. Thereafter, managing the data and its security became a difficult task.

FUTURE: People are expected to follow the method of renting a time but in an improvised manner. A bank of computers that at some confidential place and is accessible from any device like our mobile phones.

Emerging from SaaS to Cloud Computing

Software as a service refers to any software application that is accessed from outside the premises. The best part is that it removes all the headache of installation and deployment of a software. SaaS overcomes the problem faced because of VPNs for collaboration. It is neither a way to develop application nor a plug-in to any other application. Instead, the application is running  at the vendor’s place on their servers.

With SaaS, it becomes cost-effective as it saves energy, reducing investments on installing the application on various desktops across the organization. There is no doubt that SaaS is the first phase of cloud computing. However, it also contains the drawback like controlling over the system. The data that you have stored may not be only restricted until you. The vendor can control it, access it and even bolts you out. Generally, it cannot be a problem for the consumers, but it can be an event of worry for enterprises.

It’s acceptable as there was no option other than to Saas, but after the introduction of cloud computing things became more secure providing no control to the vendor.

Difference between SaaS and Cloud Computing

SaaS and Cloud Computing is delivered through your browser so it may be a matter of concern that you would be able to work only if your computer is connected to the Internet. Based on this fact, here are few differences listed between cloud computing and SaaS-

  • Cloud computing provides you access to the conditions in which you can customize it. Whereas with SaaS, you’re restricted to the features as per the software, but cloud computing gives the competency over increasing the server capacity or storage space as per the requirement.
  • Cloud computing provides flexibility over your resources and costs. It can increase or decrease with as per your requirement. Whereas with SaaS, the cost and the functionality is to be fixed up before initiating it.
  • SaaS offers a kind of service that would fit in all instances whereas Cloud computing is highly customizable.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) defines cloud computing as “a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.”  check out more information on the NIST cloud computing definition.

Thus, it can be said that any software as an application can be accessed through cloud computing. If you want to know how SaaS and cloud computing can benefit your enterprise contact Hidden Brains today.

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