Chatbot in Travel Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touching several avenues of business. One such remarkable innovation is a chatbot. AI has come a long way in recognizing the content – and context – of customers’ requests and questions. Powered by AI, Chatbots are delivering a customer experience (CX) in which customers often cannot spot the difference between whether they are interacting with a human or a computer.

Integrated with websites or messaging apps, Chatbots are computer programs that communicate with users through text messages, using artificial intelligence. With AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing, chatbots are evolving at a rapid pace. Chatbots have made a profound impact on the entire travel ecosystem causing a major digital disruption. It is important to collaborate with the Chatbot Development Company to meet the needs of the travel ecosystem. It is all about making travelers’ lives easier and helping obtain crucial information at the right time.

Chatbot in the Travel Industry

Chatbots can elevate the travel, hospitality and tourism industries, offering easy and continuous access to information, allowing users to book trips, tickets, and hotel rooms while on the go. Chatbots also allows automating and answering calls which require answering repetitive information.

When it comes to obtaining information such as checking prices or availability or knowing the status of loyalty points, travel bots offer ease and convenience. The benefits of travel agency chatbot are not limited to users. Travel companies and tour operators are also greatly benefiting from this emerging technology.

Types of Chatbots

  • NLP Chatbots
  • Support Chatbots
  • Skills Chatbots
  • Information Gathering Bots
  • Voice-Enabled Chatbots
  • Transactional Bots
  • Customer Service Chatbots

Benefits of Chatbot Development in The Travel Industry

Creating Better Travel Experience

Whether it is a business or leisure trip, it takes meticulous planning to conduct a tour. Foreign exchange, weather forecast, a checklist of dos and don’ts or getting updates about public transit, there are several matters which could make traveling overwhelming. Bots can help travelers, especially novice travelers stay organized. Travel companies and brands can create new opportunities to reach out to a particular type of target audience who may not be very experienced when it comes to travel. This may include accessing information about necessary travel documents, providing safety tips, and helping novice travelers ensure they comply when it comes to airport and airline regulations. Travel assistant bot can provide timely information or warning to travelers of delays and travel advisory.

Bots can be a concierge allowing users to book the restaurant, tickets to events, or assisting when it comes to local navigation. Travel bots can also be used to curate recommendations based upon budget, lifestyle and the desired travel experience.

Extending Team Size

Riding on the new era of mobility and increased Internet connectivity, Chatbots are getting popular across the globe due to easy integration across products and portals, the accuracy of the information, instant responses and 24/7 availability. Chatbots can interact with humans at lighting fast speed allowing staff to foresee a service-related problem, optimize the guest experience and move forward accordingly.

AI Chatbots are skilled in responding to an uncomplicated question. An online travel organization can incorporate several add-on features with the help of bots. This eliminates training additional staff and reduces costs. As a result, it will ultimately lead to maximizing profit and at the same time save customer time with the quick access and instant booking facility.

Upselling Services

One of the major reasons that Chatbots are an improvement over human interactions is their ability to access past interactions and context to personalize the conversation while upselling new services. If an airline company has data that a particular traveler flies business-class, Chatbot can use that information to be proactive in anticipating the traveler’s needs.

Similarly, an airline reservation bot can expand services to prompt cab bookings as soon as their customer lands, or suggest great bars and restaurants at the airport if they have a layover.

For Chatbots who play the role of being tour guides, the ability to use past behavior and preferences into the conversation becomes very important. Creating a comprehensive record of user preferences based on past interactions and transactions can go a long way in personalizing travel experiences for individual users. For example, a Chatbot can offer travel and entertainment recommendations based on users’ previous check-ins.

Quick Access to Data for Personalized Service

Gathering valuable customer data is one of the most effective ways in which Chatbots are revolutionizing the entire travel industry. All the Chatbots are seamlessly integrated to interact with the travelers throughout their journey. As all interactions with customers are recorded and analyzed it lets travel agencies to create experiences for frequent travelers and offer highly contextual and personalized services. Chatbots create several opportunities for the travel industry by improving customer experience with personalized service.

24*7 Availability

Travel Chatbots are on-call 24×7, 365 days a year, to resolve simple customer queries. This constant availability enhances the customer experience in any industry. This constant availability in the travel industry is a deal-breaker as customer queries need to be resolved immediately. After all, travelers have to move across time-zones. Chatbots are not only available when required, but also bring an added level of personalization when it comes to helping customers.

NLP (natural language processing) enables Chatbots to understand vague queries, which act as trigger words from the query and use them to carry out a customer’s search. This reinforces the idea of the Chatbot of an assistant who can help, answer any questions, or handle any service request, and who can potentially give customers exactly what they want. Chatbots offers a highly personalized customer and contextual service to enhance travelers’ experiences through all stages such as pre-arrival to experience after the trip is completed. Whether it is providing multiple options to book holidays, sending out automated reminders to travelers about the booking date, receiving a suggestion from the bots about nearby locations and sightseeing places to interacting with the guest post-trip, a Chatbot can get feedback or provide support throughout the journey.


Chatbots can easily resolve routine queries. This enables human employees to focus on resolving complex customer problems and performing critical tasks that require human intervention. With the pressure of mundane and repetitive tasks of responding to routine queries taken away, employees can focus on critical tasks. This further boosts their productivity and efficiency.

If you want to enhance the overall user experience during the travel journey, get in touch with our team.