ASP.NET Web Development

ASP.NET, a server-side scripting language, is a well-structured model for development. This development framework provides a wide range of features that help to build an highly interactive and sophisticated web application.

Among the various development tools in this framework, ASP.NET web server control is one that is used to build extraordinary applications. These are the best objects on the web pages that are run when the page is requested.

Many web server controls are familiar to HTML elements, such as buttons and boxes. But, the only difference is that HTML controls run at the client side and programmers have to develop a separate code strings for each browser type.

At the run time, the engine will generate necessary CSS, HTML and JavaScript from client browser. The biggest advantage of this is to developers as the ASP.NET web server control generate huge amount of HTML tags.

Let us explore some of the web server controls that help in application development

HTML Server Controls

HTML elements contain attributes that make them programmable in server code. HTML elements on ASP.NET web page are not available to the server. So, by converting these elements to HTML server controls, you can carry on them as elements on the server.

Web Server Controls

These are second set of controls designed with a different emphasis. These have more built-in features compared to others. Being a rich model, it provides type safe programming capabilities. The controls can also find the browser functionalities and render appropriate markup.

Validation Controls

A set of validation controls by ASP.NET provides an easy-to-use but effective way to control the errors, and if necessary display the messages to the user. These controls help you incorporate logic to enable you to understand what users can enter for input controls, for e.g. Textbox control.

User Controls

You can build your own custom, reusable controls using the same techniques used for developing pages. These controls are called user controls. A user control works same as web pages and can adding to this you can define properties and methods for the control.

These are just a few web server controls along with the option to create your own custom controls. An developer can use the various tools and functions of this server side scripting language skillfully to develop exceptional web applications.

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