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Apache Spark Development

Hidden Brains provides solutions for Apache Spark, a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing.

We use Apache Spark to achieve high performance for both batch and streaming data.

We identify and understand client’s business needs to integrate Apache Spark aimed at optimally utilizing unique capabilities of Spark and facilitate better user experience.

With years of experience on Big Data implementation and expertise in technology, our team is adept at understanding business needs to perform advanced analytics in large scale data processing. We will help you gain first mover advantage in Big Data implementation.

Apache Spark Consulting

Our Apache Spark consulting services are aimed at exploring the features of Apache Spark for data management and big data integration requirements to gain business advantage.

Apache Spark Implementation

Our team of data scientists and data engineers help you to understand data management needs pertaining to your business and help you implement, as well as configure Apache Spark into your Big data use case.

Apache Spark Support

We provide Apache Spark support services to ensure a seamless integration between other technologies in your current infrastructure and Apache Spark.

Why Choose


Expertise in Spark Big Data Processing Framework

Why HiddenBrains Why HiddenBrains Why HiddenBrains
  • Analytic Modeling

    Analytic strength to design predictive models and recommendation systems for marketing automation.

  • Machine Learning

    Process automation, machine learning capabilities and real time streaming to gain an advantage over other competitors.

  • User Profiling

    User profiling and recommendation to leverage massive potential of Apache Spark application.

  • Large Scale Data

    Expertise in Apache Spark process engine to perform advanced analytics in large scale data processing.

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