PHP versus ASP.Net

There are several debates about whether PHP or ASP.Net is a better platform. Most of the industry experts promote one programming language over the other. There are several factors that should be considered before choosing PHP or ASP.Net language.

If you consider cost and support, PHP is the winner because it runs on an open source platform. PHP is a cost effective method that provides a large amount of resources and support. As far as time of deployment is considered, ASP.Net takes twice as much code writing as compared to PHP. Hence, development with PHP is much faster than ASP.Net.

Here are some dissimilarities between the two languages:

Designing and development cost:
Being an open source, PHP is free to download from the internet. It has the largest free module and plugin which can be used freely. Millions of programmers have been using the code and modifying it. On the other hand, ASP.Net requires a series of Microsoft products. This makes it an expensive option as compared to PHP.

Application Performance:
PHP is an interpreted language and can be run directly from the code that you write every time. ASP.Net is an optimized and compiled language and loads faster than most other interpreted languages.

Multiple language support:
Being made in C++, it is a preferred choice of many developers. ASP.Net supports various languages such as cSharp, Visual basic .Net and jSharp. It enables programmers to develop an application together using such languages without gaps.

Other differences:

→ PHP is used for building dynamic websites that can interact with Databases and exchange information.
→ PHP offers greater flexibility than its rival – ASP. Moreover, PHP is platform free.
→ PHP codes are light in weight and this makes it a preferable choice of many developers.
→ PHP codes can run on several platforms such as UNIX, Linux and Windows.
→ PHP is used for building dynamic websites that can interact with Databases and exchange information.

→ ASP.Net allows monitoring and handling on-page events. There are several other features that help the programmers develop dynamic web applications.
→ ASP.Net is designed for Windows machine. It’s a fact that Linux servers are stable and secure. Being a licensed platform, Windows involve higher costs.
→ ASP.Net codes are not so easy to understand.
→ ASP codes are linked with Windows platform only.
→ ASP.Net is used for developing web apps using VB.Net and IIS.

Both the languages have the ability to use MVC models. .Net has an addon that comes from Microsoft while PHP has CakePHP. Though PHP needs intensive third-party applications to achieve the same level of user-friendliness as compared to ASP.Net, it is a trusted choice of many programmers worldwide.

In a nutshell, PHP is secure, cheap and reliable option while ASP.Net has quicker development time. Both the languages have their own features that makes them a trusted choice of millions of users and developers across the globe. Both the languages are great! .Net is better in its own world while PHP is better in its own arena. You should compare them and choose the best one that matches your requirements and budget.

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