WordPress Development Tools

WordPress empowers more than 33.6% of the top 10 million websites. One of the most popular website management systems, WordPress Development Solutions is used by more than 60 million websites. Whether you are entrepreneurs, enterprises, content creators or marketers, it is important to partner with WordPress Development Company to build a successful home base for their online presence. There are several themes and plugins you can trust to strengthen the WordPress site.

This blog provides a quick roundup of tools for WordPress Development


Prettier is an opinionated code formatted with support for JavaScript, JSX, Angular, Vue, Flow, TypeScript, CSS, Less, and SCSS, HTML, JSON, GraphQL, Markdown, YAML. Prettier removes all original styling and ensures that all outputted code conforms to a consistent style. Prettier takes your code and reprints it from scratch giving a cleaner style to your projects

Prettier enforces a consistent code style across the entire codebase and won’t have any impact on code formatting. With Prettier editor integration, you can just press that magic key binding and poof, the code is formatted. This is a truly liberating experience.


One of the classics and all-time favorite plugins, WPForms is a WordPress contact form plugin. With a Drag & Drop Form Builder, WPForms can create an amazing form in just a few minutes without writing any code. It will give developers the flexibility to create any kind of form on your site imaginable. WPForms come with smart conditional logic to create high-performance forms. Further, marketers can jump start email marketing efforts, view all your leads in one place, as well as easily collect payments, donations, and online orders with our Stripe addon.


Draftium is a “turbo prototyping tool” to build some of the best WordPress sites. In a matter of few minutes, Draftium will allow putting together a website structure in a matter of minutes using blocks. It comes with 300+ Prototype templates and uses pre-built website wireframes tailored to specific business industries. Simple customization allows you to add or remove block elements and change typography settings.


Speedline is the node module used by Lighthouse. It measures the visual progress of the page and provides a rating based on fast content loads.

Speedline will give you a deeper understanding of the end users’ experience because it is focused on the speed at which visible content is delivered to the viewport. You can measure other milestones, but this is one of the best measurements for the end-user experience.

Constant Contact

Be it retail, real estate or nonprofits, Constant Contact is an email marketing service. It comes with modern, mobile-optimized and drag-and-drop editor to make it easy to create, customize, and send professional emails.

Whether you are looking to build your email list, manage subscribers, or automatically handle daily tasks like unsubscribes for you, Constant Contact comes across as a feasible option. It works with lead generation software like OptinMonster and integrates seamlessly with WPForms.


Storybook is one of the most popular UI component development tools for React, Vue, and Angular. It helps you design and build UI components outside your app in an isolated environment. Professional developers at large companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Lonely Planet use Storybook to create documented UIs faster. If you have a WordPress site and looking for a quick way to cover the basics of UI component creation, Storybook is the best place, to begin with.

Buddy Works

Buddy Works will integrate with GutHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and private repositories to provide automatic deployments to FTP/SFTP and cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean. It is Docker-based but supports Kubernetes right out the box. It also supports multiple languages from PHP, C++, .NET, Node.js, Golang and more.

UX is the one key highlight which makes Buddy Works standout as a tool. It also comes with strong DevOps and website monitoring actions. You will use SSH scripts to help reduce your tool load. It offers reduced update time with changed files deployed instead of the entire repository.


What’s the worst that could happen with your website? Its entire data could disappear. That’s why when it comes to website security, we know that having a reliable backup system is one of the most important components. With BackupBuddy, saving your site’s data, and restoring it if need be, is super simple.

You can schedule automatic backups of your WordPress site, store your backups in a secure, off-site location, and receive immediate email notifications any time BackupBuddy needs your attention to preserve your hard work.


A WordPress LMS plugin, LearnDash provides website owners an entirely different way to create and sell online courses with Course Builder tool. It requires students to take quizzes, and even award certificates based on a user’s progress. This platform allows selling memberships and access to courses, site visitors to make one-time purchases and even accept recurring payments for subscriptions.

With over 300 payment gateways and supporting the latest technology, LearnDash makes creating online courses a cinch. Students can create front end profiles to track their progress and you can restrict content, unlocking it as people engage with your courses and finish them one by one.


SeedProd Builder comes with built-in design controls that allow customizing each and every aspect of the page to build custom coming soon page in a matter of minutes. It is the most popular coming soon and maintenance plugin for WordPress and allows changing text, fonts, colors & layout quickly! Equipped with a countdown timer, social sharing capability, and referral tracking, it offers a great way to capture high-quality leads and start building an email list. In a nutshell, it allows you to temporarily shut down for maintenance and create a stunning page that lets site visitors you’ll be up and running shortly.


Those are some of the best WordPress tools for launching, managing, and developing your WordPress site. Ultimately, everything boils down to your business goals and objectives, technical expertise.

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