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top android app development trends 2022

Indeed Android has come a long way and the story of Android is nothing less than inspirational, bringing about a transformation in the mobile app development industry. Launched back in 2008, Android’s smartphone OS Market Share now hovers around 85%. Furthermore, volumes are expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 2.4%, with shipments approaching 1.41 billion in 2022. Here we present a quick round-up of Android Application Development Trends 2022 that will give you a better insight into what will dominate in the year 2022.

Before you take a plunge in exploring and riding on the waves of changes or hire mobile application developers to develop an app, it is important to understand the Android app development trends and their implications on the Android ecosystem. Don’t just emulate changes, rather partner with a mobile application development company to capitalize on its benefits.

Let’s take a look at Android application development trends 2022!

Following are some of the top-notch Android application development latest trends to design a new world of Android apps.

Top Android Application Development Trends in 2022

Android Instant Apps

With Google Play Instant, Android users can tap to try out an app or game completely skipping the installation process. As Instant Apps do not require users to download the Apps, they are simple to use as a website and are operated directly from the cloud. As a result, these apps don’t take up extra space on your mobile device.

These apps eliminate the clutter of unnecessary apps on devices. Google has recently launched several new features for Android app developers to make it easier to build smaller apps that download faster allowing potential users to try out a new app without installing it.

Android’s new app publishing format, the Android App Bundle, is a step in the direction to offer a Google Play Instant experience quickly.


If you are looking to bridge the gap between layout transitions and complex motion, MotionLayout is the way ahead that is adding new things in android development. MotionLayout helps manage motion and widget animation in your app. It comes with a combination of features between the property animation framework, TransitionManager, and CoordinatorLayout.

As part of the ConstraintLayout library, MotionLayout is available as a support library and is backward-compatible to API level 14.
Irrespective of complexity or magnitude, MotionLayout is completely declarative describing transitions in XML.


Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are elements of enterprise mobile app development aimed at reducing a mobile app’s slowness.

The exponential growth of mobile app development comes with certain expectations regarding the quality of mobile apps. It is aimed not just at the security and safety of apps but allows efficient data exchange over mobile devices.

Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin Multiplatform libraries allow the reuse of multiplatform logic in common and platform-specific code. Support for multiplatform programming is a key benefit that minimizes time spent writing the code for often conflicting and different platforms while leveraging the flexibility and benefits of native development.

5G Technology

In comparison with 4G networks, 5G technology provides exponential speed and performance which is unthinkable. With the speed of 100 GBPS, 5G technology epitomizes data transmission to build a high-performance and feature-rich app to improve business performance.

Chatbots/Google Assistant

The coming year will witness heavy demand for chatbots. After all, chatbots are changing the way businesses are interacting with customers and resolve their problems. Several industries such as on-demand services such as food delivery, as well as eCommerce and retail, are embracing Chatbot development

Also, chatbots are changing the way businesses interact with customers via mobile phones. Chatbots enable mobile app services to respond to customers’ requests quickly. These requests include food delivery services, transportation services, and online shopping.

On-demand applications

The pandemic has changed people’s lives forever, resulting in heavy demand for on-demand applications. Right from healthcare, travel, retail, hotel, grocery, and much more, several industries are using on-demand apps to reach their target audience.

On-demand Android application development will continue to rise in the coming year.

Android Apps Architecture

Google’s architecture guidelines define the best practices in building an Android app and recommended architecture to build high-performance and robust applications. Android architecture components serve as a good starting point to build stable apps. With Architecture components, developers can build apps with less boilerplate code and focus more on the code that makes the app unique.

Android app architecture will help the Android app developer community to build stable apps and eliminate the confusion about the idle pattern for Android such as MVC, MVP, or MVVM.


Made by Google, Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase. Providing a new architecture such as customizable and extensible widgets, the Flutter framework is a mobile SDK providing reactive views with no need for a JavaScript bridge.

Android Jetpack

Jetpack is a suite of libraries, tools, and guidance that makes developers easily write high-quality apps. These components allow you to follow best practices, free you from producing boilerplate code, and make complex tasks easy so that you can focus on the system you care about. Android Jetpack puts all existing support libraries, architectures, and structures to cope with main issues like app management, and backward compatibility.

Google structures all things in a single pack with mainly four categories, such as architecture, foundation, UI, and behavior.

Augmented Reality

Android app development trends are taking the next leap with the amalgamation of AR/VR with AI by introducing advances in immersive technologies, including its Visual Positioning Service (VPS). This is among the latest AR technology identifying and emulating visual features in users’ surroundings.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) features with Android development latest trends; many smartphones will perform advanced technology roles such as landmark recognition, image labeling, barcode scanning, face recognition, and text recognition. AI features in Android phones will be able to simplify work for users, as well as build a fantastic user experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has helped mobile applications and organizations achieve new heights. Starting from managing your products and services, to implementing automated chatbots for a better customer experience, artificial intelligence can do it all. Moreover, artificial intelligence has reduced the involvement of human labor in different activities, thereby reducing the chances of human error in running these apps.

As a result, artificial intelligence has helped in enhancing the accuracy of the activities, and has also emerged as a cost-effective measure in mobile app development as the costs spend on human labor can be minimized. Artificial Intelligence has also helped in enhancing data security and reducing the chances of data thefts and cybercrimes.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is creating a buzz across different industries. It is expected to evolve in terms of security, public & private blockchain architecture, and consortium architecture. The blockchain mobile apps development market will boom to USD 20 billion by the end of 2024. Blockchain and Blockchain app development is growing in popularity to unimaginable heights.

Touchless UI

Touchless UI is by far the most innovative discovery and contribution of technology in the field of mobile app development. Users and mobile app developers are bored of touch screens and features and hence the latter developed touchless UIs. These work on the basis of voice recognition and gestures, making the experience of using apps even more effortless.

Such a discovery has also made using mobile applications easier for the aged and the disabled. You need not type much, you can simply speak out what you need and the app would fetch you the same. This hassle-free experience is only the result of Touchless UI.

Low Code App Development

App development involved the use of long comprehensive codes that often made the app development process cumbersome and faulty. However, with the rise in technology, app developers have started using low code app development techniques that have not only speeded up the app development process but have also reduced the chances of error.

Low code app development has also made editing applications easier without changing the parent code completely. Thus, low code app development features have added to the feasibility of the app development process. Furthermore, low code app developments have helped in creating user-friendly applications with lesser complications. As a result, users with lesser technological knowledge can use them effortlessly.

How to find the right company that follows all Android development’s latest trends?

Want to add all the superb Android app development trends in your upcoming app? Well, you need to get a reliable Android app development company onboard. Finding the best company that follows all the noteworthy trends in Android development is a hard nut to crack. However, we have simplified the process by sharing all the amazing pointers that will help in hiring the best Android development company.

  1. Portfolio in latest technologies: The Android development company that offers a diverse portfolio including the use of android app development latest trends will surely showcase the potential to go ahead for more futuristic trends. They never stop trying and keep utilizing their efforts on these new technologies to add excellent features that are never witnessed before. Selecting such companies will help in adding your dream functionalities in the best way.
  2. Experienced developers: The Android developers who have profound experience in developing different projects are always willing to try new things. Thus, once they get the chance to try their hands on new technologies, they can easily get acquainted with all the terminologies and methods. Choosing experienced developers will surely ease your work as they will develop solutions with a touch of new Android app development trends in the best way.
  3. Trendsetters: If any Android development company owns its own unique product involving the use of some recent trend, they can be the go-getters for new inventions as well. To simplify, if the company releases a new AI product, you can approach them for incorporating similar technology in your product without any hassle. Therefore, if you look for amazing trendsetters as your android development partners, you can swiftly bring a revolution in the development space as they use all the upcoming trends in Android development.
  4. Competitive costs– It is crucial to select a company that has a competitive pricing policy for its app development features. There might be several companies charging an exorbitant amount for app development owing to their brand name. However, it would be best to compare the prices of a company with the alternatives and ensure they are charging you right. Remember, the price you pay in return of the services must be within your budget. You can also select mobile app developers on an hourly basis or for specific projects depending on their charges. However, it is crucial to ensure your mobile app development company offers you constant support and assistance while executing the app and is ready to make alterations as required.


While Android application development trends continue to come and pass by, it is important to evaluate the latest technology updates and seize opportunities. However, it is equally important to resist the temptation of implementing all trends. Carefully consider several factors such as technical expertise, budget, business requirements, infrastructure before making a plunge.

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