The app economy is booming at a phenomenal pace. It is now an industry worth billions of dollars. According to Statista, the global mobile app revenues in the U.S. are expected to grow to 76.52 billion US dollars in 2017. There are millions of apps out there in iTunes and Google Play Store for each and every category imaginable. But how many apps are getting noticed and generating revenue?

After all, there are just select few apps that an individual uses on regular basis. Not every app makes a mark among users. It is not just about a great app idea. Ultimately, everything boils down to final implementation.

Here are top five pointers that will determine what makes an app great in order to beat the competition and to become a top ranking app.

Solves a Problem and Makes User’s Life Easy

The cornerstone of a successful app is its ability to solve a problem. Remember, there are hundreds and thousands of apps for any particular niche out there. It is very important that your app solves a problem, simplifies user’s life, or improves an already existing app.

How different is your app?

Does your app solve a problem? Don’t just replicate another competitor’s app.

The key to success is staying focused on core feature, making things simpler.  One of the biggest mistakes is trying to cramp too many features into your mobile application. Remember, your app needs to do one thing really well to improve your chances of success.

Knows its Audience

A great app not only solves problems, but also understands its target audience to the point of perfection. Your app needs to be centered around user’s needs, offer something new or solve a problem that user’s struggles with on a day-to-day basis. It is important to research your target audience and focus on meeting user’s needs.

And a unique way of solving user’s problem is to fix the app. You need to update your app on a constant basis. It is not about just launching app; it is about constantly updating your app and adding new functionality to improve the way your app operates.

Gets the UI right

The way your app looks is crucial to its success. Very often users judge the application based on the way it looks and instantly form an impression. Your app needs to be fluid with an effortless navigation. If your user needs hours to figure out how the app works, the chances are that the user won’t bother to know your app.

When we talk about great app, we need to keep in mind that the mobile screen real estate is very small compared to other mobile devices. The user interface needs to be seamless. It is imperative that you flush out design elements that don’t add any value to the app or enhance features. Too many design elements can create an overwhelming experience for users. There are chances that user might feel that your app is not appealing enough or intuitive to use.

In such cases app designer needs to follow guidelines to create a perfect UX/UI interface. Think about the fact that smartphone screen is viewed under different environments. You need to provide users a path that is easy to follow and logical.

Don’t Wait Till the Launch

One of the biggest mistakes that app marketers make is that they wait till the very last moment. You need to think about marketing plan right from the day you get your app’s wireframe in place. App marketing strategy should not be an afterthought. Categorize your app marketing strategy into three stages: pre-launch campaign, launch campaign and post-launch campaign. Create a dedicated website for your app to collect email addresses of prospective users interested in your app. This email subscription list will help you keep your users informed about your app at all stages.

Use stunning images/screenshots for app store description, get keywords right and write a compelling app store description. Reach out to bloggers and influencers in your niche to gain coverage for your app in the form of app reviews and mentions. These are just quick examples of how to gain visibility among your target audience.

Get Serious about Promotion:

Being featured in Apple’s iTunes Top 100 apps or New & Noteworthy list is a dream come true for an iPhone app developer. But you can’t leave things to chance or expect lady luck shining.  In order to get noticed, you need to create a buzz around your app and generate press coverage during the launch of your app. There are several other ways to drive traffic to your app such as app giveaways, freebies or running contests.


It’s up to the mobile application developer to analyze what is missing on the app market and transform ideas into a reality.  In the app world, just think different- think innovation.

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