Tips to Hire a Top NodeJS Developer

Powerful, flexible, fast and easy, Node.js continues to create a positive impact on developer productivity. NodeJS comes across as one of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript. It is considered an excellent framework for web application development. In this blog, we provide few tips to hire NodeJS developers for your web development requirements.

Quick tips to Hire NodeJS Developer or a dedicated team of NodeJS developers

Understand your Needs

Before you start the process of hiring a web developer for your project, it is important to know what needs to be done and what kind of developer you are looking for. This is a very important aspect of hiring a web developer. Always know there is a difference between frontend and backend developer. Both are not replaceable or alternatives, rather tangents. You should have an idea of what languages your developers will be using. Write a detailed job description or consult with a business analyst from a web development company.

Excellent Knowledge of Javascript

NodeJS is a Javascript framework. It goes without saying that knowledge and proven experience in Javascript is a must for a developer. Lack of experience in Javascript means that a developer will never have the comfort level with NodeJS, the language and its complexities to manage a web application development project. Furthermore, candidates need familiarity or basic experience with Javascript frameworks.

Troubleshooting Skills

When it comes to the NodeJS development process, always hire a developer with problem-solving skills, troubleshooting and syntax management. The ability to handle errors is a key aspect when hiring a NodeJS developer. Ensure that the NodeJS developer knows when to crash and log an error.

Asynchronous Approach

Node.js is all about asynchronous programming. The waiting time is reduced in the case of asynchronous programming. It results in increasing performance, extensibility and productivity while executing multiple functions in tandem. In case of the absence of knowledge of Asynchronous programming, developers will not be able to reduce the waiting time of requests.

NPM, Modules & Instrumentation

Knowledge of Node Package Manager (NPM) is at the crux of most deployment systems for Node.js, and with its help, the Node ecosystem has expanded significantly in recent years. It is important to evaluate the developer’s knowledge of NPM.

Aptitude to Learn

This point might sound contradictory to the point above. However, it is not. The tech space is dynamic and growing in a rapid space. The pace is exponential and skills get outdated and obsolete very quickly. In such a scenario, it is important to hire a developer with the aptitude to learn and adapt to changes easily instead of hiring someone with just experience in specific technology who may not be able to adapt when a new technology comes on the scene.

There are different ways of finding out whether someone will adapt to such change or identifying the passion for learning. Simple questions such as whether a developer attends technology conferences or not, or whether a developer learns new languages or not. Answers to simple questions can help you find the ability of a developer with a proactive attitude.

Conduct a skills test

Before interviewing a NodeJS developer, you can test and screen applicants with a pre-employment assessment tool. This is an important step to hire a remote NodeJS developer. As a result of this step, you will be able to focus more on problem-solving skills and cultural fit, instead of worrying about technical skills. These skill-based tests also give candidates an idea about the role they are applying for and set clear expectations for the position. Furthermore, candidates get feedback on tests resulting in a better experience.

Stay away from asking trivia questions, such as when was Java programming language launched, who was the creator, or which year was it released. Always focus on technical, interpersonal, communication and team cultural fit. Refrain from asking questions that test the memory of candidates.

NodeJS has created a vital impact on businesses – mainly through increased developer productivity and satisfaction. Its use case scenarios and benefits are mainly playing a key role in the increase in demand to hire remote NodeJS developers.

Impact of NodeJS on Business

Impact of NodeJS on Business

What are the Benefits of Hire NodeJS Developers:

  • The quick learning curve for developers with familiarity with JavaScript
  • Runtime environment supporting the caching of modules
  • Event-driven input/output (I/O) for quick request handling]Same code for both server-side and client-side
  • NPM, the biggest package manager in the software world
  • Stream large files

Use Case Scenarios to Hire NodeJS Developer

  • Chat Application: Real-time application, a messaging chat application with several users, voluminous traffic, intensive data and running across devices.
  • Server-side web apps: While not extensively used for Node due to HTML, however, if you combine Node.js and Express.js, you can develop web applications on the server-side.
  • Data Streaming: Leveraging the fact that HTTP requests and responses are basically data streams, we can use Node.js to create and process files during uploading such as audio/video encoding.
  • Monitoring Dashboards: Collect real-time data about website visitors for system dashboards.

If you are hiring a NodeJS developer, it frees up resources associated with hiring all administrative expenses such as infrastructure, healthcare benefits, additional perks, and fees for the professional recruitment services. This blog will provide you with important tips to hire expert NodeJS developers for your web development project.


Node.js developers are equally in demand due to the rising popularity of NodeJS. However, hiring a NodeJS developer is not a daunting challenge if you follow the simple tips mentioned above. You can also consider hiring a dedicated team of developers by partnering with a Node.js Development Company and start your project without any delays.

Hiring expert NodeJS developers for your web development projects